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Continuing Legal Education:

CLE Transcript Information

How to Read the Online CLE Transcript

The information provided on the online Transcript is the same as previously provided each December in the printed Transcript form sent by the Commission. The first section shows the attorney's name and address as is on record with the Supreme Court. If this information is inaccurate, the attorney must notify the Court in writing of the change of address.

The second section shows the attorney category and number of credit hours required of the attorney for compliance. Most attorneys are listed as "Attorney or Judge" and have a 24 credit hour requirement. Other categories include "Senior Attorney" (members of the Bar admitted to practice in Delaware for 40 or more years), "Resume Practice" (attorneys returning to active status from inactive status or suspension) and "Newly Admitted Attorney" (attorneys admitted to practice in Delaware during the current calendar year). Twelve credits are required of Senior Attorneys in a two-year period; other attorney categories have specialized requirements based upon time of active status. The Enhanced Ethics requirement is always 1/6 of the total credits required.

The third section shows the credits the attorney has earned through attending courses previously approved by the Commission and upon application by the attorney via Form 4. Unlimited credits may be earned through attendance at live courses open to all attorneys (Activity Code "A"). There are credit limits of half the requirement placed on monitored video replay courses ("V"), in-house programs ("I"), and eCLE courses ("E"). eCLE courses with an audio component only and no video component ("EA") are included in the eCLE credit limit.

The fourth section (if applicable) shows the credits the attorney has earned through approved individual activities such as teaching (Activity Code "T"), moderating ("M"), publication ("PU"), Pro Bono ("PB") and professional work ("PW"). Credit hour limits apply to all categories.

The final section sets forth the attorney's compliance deadline and summarizes the attorney's compliance status. The "Current Compliance Status" is only valid if the credits are all accurate and verified by the attorney on the annual reporting Transcript. If changes are necessary, they may affect the credit hour tally and therefore the compliance status.

How to Make Changes to the Online CLE Transcript

If changes are required to the Transcript during the calendar year, the attorney may print a copy and send it to the Commission via regular mail or email with the required changes listed.

The date, name and provider of program should be included as well as number of credits earned and certification of attendance.


Even year admittees have a compliance deadline ending in an even year (i.e., if admitted in 2008, the compliance deadline is 12/31/2010, 2012, etc). Odd year admittees have a compliance deadline ending in an odd year (i.e. if admitted in 2007, the compliance deadline is 12/31/2009, 2011, etc.). Although available all year, online transcripts will be available for final review February 1st with transcript verification due March 31st (specific dates each year may vary slightly due to weekends, weather conditions, etc.). Notice will be sent via email each February 1st. (All Delaware attorneys should provide the Commission with a valid email address.)

Late fees will apply if the online transcript verification is not completed by the deadline provided in the February email. The late fee imposed is $300 after the March 31st deadline. Beginning 30 days after the March deadline, an additional $100 per business day will accrue monthly.

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