Continuing Legal Education:

CLE Transcript

All attendance and program data should be current within 45 days of the program date. The online databases are continually updated, but please keep in mind that Providers are allowed 45 days to submit attendance records to the Commission, so recent program attendance may not be reflected.

The Transcript login screen can be accessed at or simply by clicking the "Login" button on the side of this page. To log in, the attorney will have to enter his/her Supreme Court Bar ID Number and the password chosen or provided by the Commission. The password is case sensitive.

Attorneys in firms with CLE Coordinators should ask the Coordinator to make the request as they may have a specific formula for attorney passwords (and should, in any event, have access to the attorney's CLE records).

This information will remain confidential and will not be released to any party other than the Commission, our site developer, and any person so authorized by you, the attorney. Should the attorney forget the password supplied by the Commission, you may e-mail a request for the password to be resent.

Please allow several days from the date of your request for actual online access. Once you receive a confirming e-mail with your login and password information, you may immediately access your transcript.

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