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Most Commission forms can be completed online before printing. Forms can be emailed. When completing a form online, you may tab through the various fields and type. If you wish to clear the contents of the form, simply click on our logo. The Uniform Application (Form 1) is not available to be completed online at this website. Please submit only the Delaware version of the form shown below or the current CLEreg version available at If you change either version or submit another state's version, it may be returned to you for proper resubmission.

You may also contact the Commission to have a copy of any form mailed to you.

Information regarding accreditation of eCLE (self-study) courses may be found on the page on eCLE.

Online applications may be submitted at

Delaware Application Requirements

Delaware accepts the CLEreg Uniform Application for Accreditation (Form 1) as application from program providers for continuing legal education credit. Please note that the only required attachment is an agenda or time breakdown of the course. Please do NOT send a complete set of materials. If requesting ethics credit for instruction, please indicate this separately.

Delaware also requires a $50.00 - $75.00 application fee to process single program applications from providers. Applications for Accredited Sponsor status must include an annual fee of $250.00. Please make checks payable to the "Commission on Continuing Legal Education." No action will be taken on applications submitted without the required fee.

All program providers are required to submit an attendance list within 45 days after the close of the program, and to provide each attorney with a certificate of attendance in accordance with Rule 6(A). Please do not submit copies of the attendance certificates to the Commission in lieu of an attendance sheet, and please do not direct attendees to submit attendance certificates to the Commission. Also do not submit copies of the program evaluations or written materials after the seminar unless specifically requested to do so by the Commission. Attendance lists submitted to the Commission should include the course identification number assigned by the Commission, the name and ID number of each attorney, and the number of credit hours (including Enhanced Ethics credits) earned by each attorney. To best ensure accuracy, providers are requested to maintain sign-in lists and to have a representative present throughout the program. New providers should indicate in an attachment to the attendance list the form of attendance verification used for the program.

Form Purpose
Uniform Application for Accreditation: Form 1 For a provider to apply for accreditation of a program. Used by both individual providers and Accredited Sponsors, not accepted from attorneys. This is the Delaware-specific form, with our guidelines attached as the reverse side. We do accept the latest CLEreg version of this form, which can be downloaded from their website at We do not currently accept other states' versions of this form.
Form 3 For a provider to apply for Accredited Sponsor Status. Our guidelines are attached as the reverse side. As approval generally requires a history of accreditation with the Delaware CLE Commission, please contact the Commission to determine whether this status is appropriate for your organization. (Not available online.)
Form 3-A For a current provider to apply for renewal of Accredited Sponsor Status. Our guidelines are attached as the reverse side.
Delaware CLE Program Requirements You must read and sign the Delaware CLE Program Requirements and submit with Form1, Form 3 or Form 3-A.
COA CLEreg approved form of Certificate of Attendance

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