Continuing Legal Education:

Accredited Activities

In order to receive credit on the Transcript, a Delaware attorney should sign in at each CLE program, local and national, with the attorney's Delaware Supreme Court identification number (please refer to the ID card mailed annually by the Supreme Court each spring after registration). As providers are occasionally approved for alternative methods of attendance tracking other than sign-in sheets, attorneys should be careful to follow all a provider's instructions for obtaining credit. Providers are not obligated to report attorney attendance at CLE programs if the attorney does not follow the required procedures, providing a valid Supreme Court identification number.

For a list of approved programs, please log in at and check the program catalog.

Programs which are not included on the list for the appropriate time period have not been approved by the Commission. This may mean either that the program has been denied credit or that the provider has not submitted the course to the Commission for review. Attorneys who attend an activity which is not accredited should apply for credit using Form 4, which can be downloaded from the Forms page or submitted through the online process (preferred). If the course is of a questionable nature, such as dealing with profitability, marketing, or issues of personal interest or topics geared toward the general public, refer to our list of policy statements or contact the Commission to determine whether credit has already been denied to the program.

Attorneys may also receive credit, upon application to the Commission, for unpaid activities such as teaching CLE programs or law school courses, publication of a book or article consisting of scholarly writing, pro bono work, or participating on the work of approved professional committees as outlined in the CLE Rules. For more information, please refer to CLE Rule 9 and download the applicable form from the Forms page or submit online (preferred). If you have questions, please contact the Commission.

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