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Continuing Legal Education:

For Providers

Fee Category Fee*
Accredited Sponsor $250/annually Additional $25/program if not submitted online
Provider $50/program application (online) $75/program application (paper)
"eCLE" Programs $25/program application (additional to accredited sponsor annual fee) (additional to program fee if offered live and e-CLE)
Fee for Attendance Reporting $0 (submitted online) $25/attendance report (paper)
Late Fees $0/application after program date $25/attendance reporting after 45 day deadline

*New Fees are effective September 1, 2009.

All questions can best be answered by reading the CLE Rules. Answers to commonly asked questions are found on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Most application forms have also been revised and are available for download on the Forms page. A page of Commission policies is also available for further assistance and is recommended reading especially for providers of courses dealing with instruction in topics other than substantive law.

To apply for a program, please login at and submit application online.

Delaware accredits both individual programs and Accredited Sponsors*. To submit a program for Commission review, complete and submit the Uniform Application for Accreditation of a CLE Activity available online (preferred) or on the Forms page. This form is also called Form 1 and is available on the CLEreg website at Payment in the amount of $50.00 made payable to "Commission on Continuing Legal Education" and a detailed program agenda must be included. No other attachments are necessary and, if sent, will not be retained. The Commission has determined that all information should be clearly presented in the detailed program agenda and will not review written materials for program content which is not fully documented on the agenda. One application will cover all presentations within one year's time. We cannot review courses with no specific presentation dates and locations and approve neither presenters nor courses in theory. For the attorneys' reference, approved courses are listed on the Court's Lawyer Management System under the program catalog tab, but the Commission provides no advertising, including links, for these courses.

Providers of all approved courses are bound by the attendance maintenance and reporting requirements of CLE Rule 6(A). Before submitting a program for approval, please be certain that the requirements of this Rule are met. If submitting an application after the end of the program, the attendance list should be included with the submission, omitting the course approval code assigned by the Commission and including actual credit hours earned by each Delaware attorney based upon the amount requested in the application and actual times of attendance by each attorney. Requests for alternate forms of attendance maintenance should be submitted to the Commission in writing, and approval obtained before being used. Contact the Commission with questions or to obtain sample sign-in sheets, attendance certificates, or dual tracking forms.

*Accredited Sponsor status is granted to organizations which exist to present continuing legal education programs. Applicants must complete the Form 3 application and submit a $250.00 application fee. Certain groups are excluded from Accredited Sponsor Status (see CLE Rule 8(A) for details). Accredited Sponsors must still apply for approval of each program at least 30 days in advance, but the Commission instructs attorneys that all live in-person courses offered by Accredited Sponsors are submitted to the Commission for approval and will be accredited as long as they meet the requirements of the Rules. There are no individual $50.00 application fees for Accredited Sponsors.

The Commission does require that Accredited Sponsor applicants have a history of program approval with the Commission. Accredited Sponsors must have demonstrated that their courses are consistently worthy of credit and that they are familiar with the attendance reporting requirements of CLE Rule 6(A). Exceptions may be made for organizations holding Accredited Sponsor Status in other CLE jurisdictions if the organization demonstrates an ability and willingness to meet the requirements of Delaware Accredited Sponsors. Accredited Sponsor Status is good for one year from the date of approval and must be renewed annually. The application form for Accredited Sponsor Status is not available online because it will not be approved for providers with no positive approval history with the Commission.

If an organization provides eCLE activities (defined as any activity where the provider is not physically present with the attorney as the educational activity is underway), the organization must pay an additional $25 fee/program. See the eCLE page for additional information and accreditation guidelines.

Program providers must advertise their own courses; the Commission does not publish any paper or electronic bulletins and does not advertise providers' courses on their behalf. Providers of in-house programs must actively advertise their programs to all interested members of the Bar in order to receive an unrestricted category of approval (attorneys may only earn up to half of their minimum requirement through in-house courses). We do not consider mention of a program on a website to be active advertising such as direct mailings (postal or electronic), or advertising in legal publications. We have no restrictions with regard to the wording providers may use to advertise their courses to Delaware attorneys, as long as it is not inaccurate.

Finally, please remember that any fee is an application fee and not an approval fee. CLE Rules are available on our website; applicants are expected to thoroughly review these Rules prior to applying for approval. If you are uncertain about a certain topic, such as stress management, marketing, or non-legal instruction, please refer to our policies page or contact the Commission for information regarding precedent. Application fees will be retained for all course and sponsor applications which are denied. Additionally, if you do not submit attendance lists as required within 45 days after the end of the program, your future courses may not be considered for Delaware credit. Please be sure to thoroughly read CLE Rule 6(A) and attendance maintenance information enclosed with course approval.

As always, please contact the Commission with any questions.

Commission on Continuing Legal Education of the Supreme Court of Delaware
The Renaissance Centre
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