The Delaware State Courts will be closed on Friday, April 10, 2020 in observance of Good Friday. Justice of the Peace Courts 11 (New Castle County), 7 (Kent County) and 3 (Sussex County) will remain open.

Delaware Court facilities ordered closed to the public until April 15, 2020. Read more...

Statement to elaborate on procedures in the Court of Common Pleas in accordance with the Supreme Court’s Administrative Order No. 3. Read statement.

For the latest on the Delaware Judiciary response to COVID-19 please visit this page.

Administrative Directives




2017-3 05/04/2017 Publication of Judicial Opinions
2017-2 03/28/2017 Interim eFiling Procedures
2017-1 03/28/2017 E-Filing Procedures [Supersedes Administrative Directive No. 2009-6]
2016-8 10/24/2016 Directing in All Consumer Debt Actions the Attached Notice be Provided to Defendants
2016-1 01/19/2016 Automated Bail Posting Procedures
2012-2 08/22/2012 Consumer Debt Collection Actions [Supersedes Administrative Directive No. 2011-1]
2012-1 02/15/2012 Appointment of Sitting Judge with regards to Civil Proceedings
2011-1 03/16/2011 Consumer Debt Collection Actions [Superseded by Administrative Directive No. 2012-2]
2010-3 12/28/2010 Special Election and Expedited Docket ('Speed Docket')
2010-2 09/16/2010 Policy on Racial and Ethinic Fairness; Court of Common Pleas Use of Force Policy; and Complaint Form
2009-6 10/01/2009 E-Filing Procedures [Supersedes Administrative Directive No. 2008-2]
2009-2 02/05/2009 Interim Bail Procedures  [Supersedes Administrative Directive No. 2009-1]
2009-1 01/16/2009 Interim Bail Procedures
2008-2 10/29/2008 E-Filing Procedures [Supersedes Administrative Directive No. 2008-1]
2008-1 06/25/2008 E-Filing Procedures
2007-2 03/12/2007 Policy on Public Access to the Court of Common Pleas Judicial Records
2007-1 03/07/2007 Judicial Branch Compensatory Day
2006-2 03/2006 Assisting Self-Represented Parties
2006-1 10/17/2006 Judicial Branch Authorized Use Policy
2000-1 09/01/2001 Public Access to Court of Common Pleas Judicial Records