Effective November 1st, 2022: If you are scheduled for a Non-Jury Trial Case Review in the Court of Common Pleas, it is now going to be a trial event instead.

Judicial Officers

There are nine Judges of the Court of Common Pleas statewide. Five Judges are residents of New Castle County, two Judges are residents of Kent County, and two Judges are residents of Sussex County. Each Judge is nominated by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate for a term of 12 years. To be nominated for the position, each Judge must have been actively engaged in the general practice of law in the State of Delaware for at least five years and must be a citizen of the State. A majority of not more than one Judge may be from the same political party. The same process is used to appoint the Chief Judge.

The Court has two Commissioners, one assigned to New Castle County, and the second Commissioner for Kent and Sussex Counties. The Commissioners have the power to accept pleas, conduct preliminary hearings, petitions for change of name and other non case-dispositive matters.

New Castle County Judges and Commissioners:

Court of Common Pleas New Castley County Judges & Commissioners Left to right front row: Judge Katharine L. Mayer, Judge Monica Horton
Left to right back row: Commissioner Emily Ferrell, Judge Bradley V. Manning, Chief Judge Carl C. Danberg, Judge Robert H. Surles

Kent County Judges:

Court of Common Pleas Kent County Judges Left to right: Judge Anne E. Hartnett, Judge Kathleen K. Amalfitano

Sussex County Judges:

Court of Common Pleas Sussex County Judges Left to right back row: Judge Rae M. Mims, Judge Kenneth S. Clark, Jr.

Kent and Sussex County Commissioners:

Court of Common Pleas Kent and Sussex County Commissioners
Commissioner Donald R. Bucklin
Not pictured: Commissioner Gregory Babowal