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CLE Transcript FAQs

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Answer: If your compliance period ended 12/31 of the previous year, you must verify your transcript during the reporting period. An email will go out February 1 with information on how to verify your transcript online, or make necessary changes. Verification is due by March 31. If this is not your reporting year, the transcript is for your information only and you need not verify the transcript. Rule 55.1 - Need only verify what primary jurisdiction and MCLE requirements (if any) have been met.

Answer: That depends on the credits. If you attended courses in November or December of the compliance year, the provider may not have had time to submit your credits to the Commission before the reporting period opened (providers have 45 days after the end of courses to submit attendance lists). Add the credits to your transcript and we will confirm the credits you add upon receipt of the provider's attendance report. If video replay credits, eCLE credits or in-house program credits are missing, check to make sure you haven't earned your maximum limit in these categories. The upper right side of the form should list "Credits required." If you have reached this limit and you add more credits in these categories, they will not be accepted unless you are replacing credits in a particular category with Enhanced Ethics credits in that category*. If the program was a national seminar or local to another jurisdiction, the provider may not have sought approval. Check the program catalog at If the program was not approved through the provider's initiative, you must apply using Form 4 in order to obtain credit. Credit for teaching, publication, professional work and pro bono is assigned only upon application to the Commission. Visit our forms page to download the appropriate form for completion and submission to the Commission; in the future, please remember to apply as soon as possible after completion of the activity or, preferably, submit the form through the online process at

*Half of the the required credits must be live attendance.

Answer: You have two options for completing a make-up plan. You may either complete the requirement during the months of January or February (before you verify the Transcript on or before March 31) and list the recently completed credits on the Transcript; we consider this a completed make-up plan. Alternatively, you can verify the Transcript on or before March 31 showing a deficiency, but you must submit a make-up plan with the Transcript verification. It must list specific coursework you plan to take before April 30 to complete the deficiency. After completing the credits, you will have to notify the Commission that you have completed the credit requirement for the applicable reporting period. Either way, you must verify the Transcript on or before March 31 to avoid late fees.

Answer: Make changes before verifying the transcript. You will be contacted in writing if there is a problem with anything you add. If you are certain that the programs you attended were approved for Delaware credit, you might also want to alert the provider's representative of the problem in case the records need to be corrected on their end.

Answer: There are many options available. There are options available in online seminars, telephone seminars, monitored video replays and live programs, so most people should be able to complete the Enhanced Ethics requirement before the Transcript is due to be verified on March 31. Please remember that you must earn half of your required credits through live (traditional) attendance.

Answer: If this is your reporting year, YES! You must verify the Transcript to the Commission no later than March 31 or you will be assessed late fees, regardless of whether or not you have completed the credits in a timely manner. We do not consider the Transcript to be accurate until the attorney has verified the Transcript as evidence of compliance.

Answer: Yes, but please do it as soon as possible. Due to the high volume of materials requiring review during the review and verification time period, you may not receive a response to the application(s) until after the March 31 deadline. If you require approval of the application(s) in order to meet your recent compliance obligation, you must also submit a make-up plan in the event that the credit is not approved. If you do not need the credit to meet the recent deadline, the credit will be posted before we finalize your verified Transcript. In the future, please apply as soon as possible after the activity in order to receive a timely response: allow at least one month for review of most applications.

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