Project Rightful Owner

Sussex County Unclaimed Sheriff's Sale Excess Proceeds List A-B

The below list is arranged alphabetically by the person's last name or the business name who owned the property at the time of the Sheriff's Sale along with address of the Sheriff's Sale property, the court-held amount, the sale date, and the court's case number.

Any case on this page that has been scheduled for a hearing is linked to the Matters Set for Hearing schedule page.

Last Name or Business Name First Name Address (Sheriff's Sale) Court-Held
Sale Date Case Number


Adams Gerald Shane and Tracy Lynn 14165 Shiloh Church Road,
Laurel, 19956
12,352.07 03/15/2022 S18L-10-029
Adkins Audrey, Victor Greenstein & Sandra Rosenbaum 24435 Reynolds Pond Road,
Milton, 19968
99,608.34 01/18/2022 S21T-08-010
Alvarez Lisa K. Sixth Street,
Laurel, 19956
9,470.75 09/15/2020 S20T-02-009
Ames Doretha W.;
Doretha Williams
20289 Sussex Highway,
Bridgeville, 19933
29,581.94 07/16/2019 S19T-03-003
Ashe Beth A.
f/k/a Karawulan
27004 Merchant Man Drive,
Millsboro, 19966
472.65 01/15/2013 S12L-03-007


Ashe Beth A.
f/k/a Karawulan
27004 Merchant Man Drive,
Millsboro, 19966
472.65 01/15/2013 S12L-03-007
Barone Joseph A 26904 Seaford Road,
Seaford, 19973
22,605.70 11/16/2021 S21T-04-012
Bethurum Heather Bethurum;
Heather Aliene Hageman;
Corey Bethurum
29533 Whitstone Lane,
Millsboro, 19966
16,637.41 09/21/2021 S21L-01-004
Bramble Myrtle 109 Murrock Drive,
Seaford, 19973
21,377.11 08/17/2004 SS04T-04-001
Bunting Barbara J. Dagsboro, 19939 2,784.69 12/05/2020 S20T-05-004
Bunting Barbara J. Dagsboro, 19939 5,411.49 12/15/2020 S20T-05-004
Burchall George F. 18063 Spellman Lane,
Ellendale, 19941
2,456.43 03/20/2018



Brooks Robert;
Teresa  Banta; Winkiwski, Thomas;
Stanley Winkowski;
Chester James Burnett

115 Dans Lane,
Milton, DE  19958

41,736.00 04/19/2022 S21L-09-007
Butler Randall L.;
Joi-Ann Butler;
Gerlad E. Schmidt,Sr.;
Joyce A. Schmidt

185648 Shiloh Church Road,
Georgetown, DE  19947

65,865.44 02/15/2022 S21T-09-004
Butzke M.A. Denise;
A/K/A Marine Anna Denise Burze
28 Bethany Forest Drive,
Dagsboro, 19939
31,402.22 02/15/2022 S21L-08-005