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superior court Forms 98 Forms

Number Title Revision Date Court Style
A_ORD_2020_8 Affidavit in Support of Compliance with the Cares Act 07/21/2020 Superior Court Affidavit
CIV_APP_04_A Appeal from an Administrative Agency 02/11/2020 Superior Court
CIV_APP_05_A Appeal from an Administrative Agency (Spanish) 02/11/2020 Superior Court
CIV_APP_03_A Appeal from Court of Common Pleas 02/11/2020 Superior Court
ADM_ADM_03_A Application for Access to Court Records 10/25/2017 Superior Court Fill-In Form
ADM_ADM_06_A Application for High School Internship Program 02/05/2024 Superior Court Application
CRM_CRM_06_A Arraignment by Prior Pleading and Entry of Appearance (New Castle County) 03/07/2016 Superior Court
ADM_ADM_05_A Attorney Document Request 10/01/2019 Superior Court
CRM_BAI_01_A Bail, Affidavit by Individual Owner Posting Cash Security 09/27/2012 Superior Court
CRM_BAI_03_A Bail, Motion for Relief as Bondsperson with Instructions 10/26/2020 Superior Court
CRM_BAI_02_A Bail, Registration Form for Bail Agent or Business Entity 02/24/2014 Superior Court
CIV_CIV_08_A Bankruptcy, Notice of and Certificate of Service (Form 47) 03/07/2016 Superior Court
CIV_CIV_03_A Certification of Unknown Defendant(s) (Form 33) 08/21/2003 Superior Court
CIV_CIV_11_A Civil Case Information Statement (CIS) 06/05/2023 Superior Court
CIV_CIV_12_A Civil Form 46 for Pretrial Stipulations 11/04/2019 Superior Court
ADM_COV_04 Civil Hearing Protocol During COVID-19 (NCC) 09/24/2020 Superior Court Procedure
ADM_ADM_04_A Complaint Policy and Procedure with English and Spanish Forms 08/08/2018 Superior Court Policy
CRM_CRM_02_A Continuance Request Form 10/17/2005 Superior Court
CIV_EXP_07_A Expungement Instructions for Superior Court 06/17/2024 Superior Court Instructions
CIV_EXP_08_A Expungement New Order Granting after Pardon 05/30/2024 Superior Court
CIV_EXP_05_A Expungement Order Denying - After Hearing Form 05/29/2024 Superior Court
CIV_EXP_01_A Expungement Order Denying - No Hearing Form 06/06/2024 Superior Court
CIV_EXP_03_A Expungement Order Granting - In Part and Denying In Part Form 05/22/2024 Superior Court
CIV_EXP_04_A Expungement Order Granting Form 05/29/2024 Superior Court
CIV_EXP_02_A Expungement Petition Form 06/12/2024 Superior Court Fill-In Form