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Kent County Unclaimed Sheriff's Sale Excess Proceeds List U-Z

The below list is arranged alphabetically by the person's last name or the business name who owned the property at the time of the Sheriff's Sale along with address of the Sheriff's Sale property, the court-held amount, the sale date, and the court's case number.

Any case on this page that has been scheduled for a hearing is linked to the Matters Set for Hearing schedule page.

Last Name or Business Name First Name Address (Sheriff's Sale) Court-Held
Sale Date Case Number


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WJW Associates, LLC

145 East Street,
Smyrna 19977

94.05 02/25/2015 K14J-01196
Wade Gerald D. & Rita (Estate of) Shady Bridge Road,
Marydel, 19964
958.60 04/26/2011 K11J-00192
Walker Veranita 125 Marsh Branch Road,
Greenwood, 19950
12,743.44 10/25/2005 K05T-08-010
Wallace Nathaniel C.; Patricia A. Beagle Club Rd, The Ryan Farm,
Felton to Sandtown , Lot #4, 2.07 A.,
Felton, 19943
689.24 01/30/2018 K17J-02270
Wallace Sandra J. 152 Union Street,
Dover, 19904
4,224.60 01/26/1999 K98T-03-037
Walls Carry Ray,
Michael Shane,
Cheryl D.,
Denise M. and
Deborha R. McGee
756 Turkey Point Road,
Felton, 19943
5,521.14 04/26/2016 K16J-00428
Wanzer John 109 NW Third Street,
Milford, 19963
4,510.79 10/27/2015 K15J-00558
Ward Carl R. & Kelly J. 430 Attix Drive,
Dover, 19904
2,050.84 08/19/2008 K07L-06-050
Watson Evelyn (Estate of) 2 South Queen Street,
Dover, 19904
4,376.59 10/28/2014 K14J-00172
Watson Jeanette; Harris, Arthur, David Wayne Jr., Harriet, Norman, Tony, William; Johns, Odie; Moore, Willamea; Quail, Doreatha; Sanders, Annabelle; Scott, Myrtle; Williams, Oscar; Winchester, Gwendolyn; Wright, Sadie 231 N. Queen Street,
Dover, 19904
2,825.56 04/28/2015 K15J-00115
Watkins Patricia;
Sherry Phillips
25 North New Street,
Dover, 19901
8,440.49 04/25/2017 K17J-00102
White Irene; Hutchins, Debra M.; Austin, Bonita J.; Pamela S.

2502 Judith Road,
Hartley, 19953

8,466.80 11/02/2017 K16L-09-003
White White, Joann
Howard, Celeste D.
Bordley, Warren G.
Bordley, Richard
Bordley, Kevin V.
Bordley, Cynthia A.
603 West Street,
Clayton, 19938
2,661.97 10/30/2018 K17J-02272
White Nettie Mae

Fourth Street,
Milford, 19963

46.05 07/27/2004 K04T-05-041
White Mary Beebe Road,
Wheatley-Marvel Dev., Lot# 2, 1.1 A.,
Harrington, 19952
1,235.73 04/15/2017 K16J-02211
Wilkerson Lucille, et al. 1255 Henry Cowgill Road,
Camden-Wyoming, 19934
4,753.01 01/25/2011 K10J-00332
Wilkerson Lucille, et al. Henry Cowgill Road,
Camden-Wyoming, 19934
3,900.72 07/30/2013 K13J-00135
Wilson Freddie E. and Ranae A. Barlow 534 Fulton Street,
Dover, 19904
3,969.58 04/26/2016 K16J-00217
Workmon Tamika See: Bishogo, Musikami N/A N/A N/A
Wright Lila L. W. SD. RD. #440, 1.0 A., Woodyard Road
W. of but not Adj. to Sussex Road
612 & CO. Road
440, 13.25 A.
Greenwood, 19950
5,891.71 01/29/2019 K18J-03540
Wunderley Robert H. & Evelyn L. 1145 Roesville Road,
Felton, 19943
2,157.78 11/06/2014 K13L-12-019


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