Administrative Directives

Completed Directives

Completed Administrative Directives refer to directives where action ordered in the directive has been finished.




172 05/12/2009 Rescinds Administrative Directive No. 132 .
168 06/12/2008 Creates "Delaware Courts: Fairness for All" Task Force to study perceptions of fairness and the needs of self-represented civil litigants in the Delaware courts, with its focus on those trial courts with the highest proportion of self-represented litigants.
160 11/03/2006 Rescinds out of date Administrative Directives and modifies electronic format to facilitate the accessibility of these directives by clarifying their status.
157 10/07/2004 With the rescission of Administrative Directive 144, this Administrative Directive restores the AOC to directly reporting to the Chief Justice as envisioned in 10 Del. C. § 128.
10/08/2004 Adopts the Policies for the Management of Non-Appropriated Funds to be adhered to by all courts.
155 04/05/2004 Establishes an experimental period permitting electronic media coverage of judicial proceedings under specific guidelines ending October 15, 2004. (Amended on 10/25/04 )
150 08/15/2003 Establishes a new Speedy Trial Committee.
148 06/19/2003 Creates a committee to develop a protocol and uniform policy concerning: (a) applications for attorneys' fees and expenses; (b) agreements with contract counsel; and (c) court appointments other than contract counsel in the Supreme Court, Superior Court and Family Court.
147 06/19/2003 Establishes a joint Bar/Bench committee for the purpose of updating the DSBA Statement of Principles of Lawyer Conduct of November 15, 1991, and to establish a separate but companion Statement of Principles or Civility Code applicable to judges in all Delaware Courts.
07/01/2003 Creates the New Castle County Courthouse Art Committee to explore opportunities for the loan or purchase of works of art and to recommend appropriate locations to display those works of art in the Courthouse.
139 04/04/2002 Establishes a Committee to consider the best methods by which the Judiciary can promote voluntary mediation in all courts.
136 01/09/2002 Creates a Court Resources Task Force to assist the Judicial Branch of Government.
133 10/16/2001 Establishes the Permanent Advisory Committee on the Delaware Lawyers' Rules of Professional Conduct and Order Adopting Supreme Court Rule 96.
128 Amended 05/22/2001 Amended 128 extends the date of filing the interim report of the Delivery of Criminal Justice Policy Committee to October 1, 2001.
128 04/10/2001 Original Administrative Directive 128 establishes a Delivery of Criminal Justice Policy Committee to formulate policy, reduce number of pre-trial detainees, and implement recommendations of Speedy Trial Guidelines Co.
127 04/10/2001 Establishes a Uniform Case Processes (UCP) Committee to deal uniformly with COTS system.
11/03/2006 Directs fiscal officers of each court to establish a final accounting policy manual for the Judicial Branch by December 31, 2006. Supersedes, for limited purposes, prior Administrative Directive 124 .
121 05/16/2000 Creates the Permanent Advisory Committee on the Delaware Uniform Rules of Evidence with Order Adopting Supreme Court Rule 95.
120 05/04/2000 Creates Oversight Committee to implement recommendations of Gender Fairness Task Force of Delaware Supreme Court & Delaware State Bar Association.
119 Revised 01/28/2000 Revision replaces one member of the Court Security Task Force (No. 119).
119 12/01/1999 Original Administrative Directive 119 creates Court Security Task Force.
01/25/2000 Revision adds new members to Committee on Speedy Trial Guidelines (No. 118).
118 12/01/1999 Original Administrative Directive 118 creates Committee on Speedy Trial Guidelines.
117 04/01/1998 Supersedes Administrative Directive No. 96; pertains to Summary Proceedings and new Rules of Superior Court and Court of Chancery.
112 11/17/1997 Appoints a Special Committee on Family Court Internal Operating Procedures.
111 02/01/1997 Sets up Strategic Planning/Reorganization/Search Committee for the AOC.
109 07/26/1996 Creates Task Force entitled Delaware Task Force on Citizen Involvement in the Judicial System (F. Michael Parkowski, Chair).
105 01/05/1996 Establishes an Administrative Enhancement Committee.
102 06/01/1995 Adopts a uniform Delaware Code of Conduct for Law Clerks.
101 04/05/1995 Creates Task Force on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts.
97 09/01/1994 Establishes capias procedure for Family Court and the JP Courts.
90 02/23/1993 Asks presiding judges to submit a comprehensive report on bias in the court system to the Chief Justice on or before 7/1/93.

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