The Delaware State Courts will be closed on Monday, December 24th and Tuesday, December 25th for the Christmas holiday. Justice of the Peace Courts 11 (New Castle County), 7 (Kent County) and 3 (Sussex County) will remain open.

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Caption Supreme Court Number Sanction Date Board Case Numbers Sanction Imposed Rules Involved
110018-B N/A 3/15/2018 110018-B Private Admonition DLRPC 1.15(a)
DLRPC 1.15(c)
112894-B N/A 9/12/2016 112894-B Private Admonition DLRPC 1.8(j)
113047-B N/A 7/17/2017 113047-B Private admonition w/ conditions DLRPC 3.3(a)
DLRPC 8.4(d)
113274-B N/A 7/31/2017 113274-B Private admonition, two-year probation DLRPC 1.15(d)
DLRPC 8.4(d)
113306-B N/A 7/26/2017 113306-B Private admonition, two-year probation DLRPC 1.15(d)
DLRPC 8.4(d)
113609-B N/A 7/18/2018 113609-B One-year probation w/conditions DLRPC 1.3
DLRPC 8.4(d)
113653-B N/A 11/21/2018 113653-B Two-year private probation w/ conditions DLRPC 1.15(d)
DLRPC 8.4(d)
Abbott, Richard L. 676, 2006 5/2/2007 8, 2006 Public reprimand DLRPC 3.5(d)
DLRPC 8.4(d)
Acosta, Rafael D. Misc. Docket No. 478 5/2/2012 Indefinite suspension N/A
Agostini, Jr., Louis P. 248, 1993 10/28/1993 N/A Disbarment DLRPC 8.4(b)
DLRPC 8.4(c)