Criminal Court Proceedings

Introduction to Criminal Process

Court Proceedings

Offense and Defendant Information
Information for defendants in criminal and traffic cases which are heard by the Court rather than paid by voluntary assessment

Criminal Continuance Process
How to request a continuance in your criminal or traffic case

Videophone system
The videophone allows the police, courts, and other participating agencies to conduct business without physically traveling among their offices

Criminal Rules

Bail Bonds
Bail is the amount of money a defendant must post to be released from custody until their trial is heard. Justice of the Peace bail bond companies.

Expungement/Pardon of Criminal Records
If the case was terminated, disposed of or concluded in the Justice of the Peace Court, the Petition for Expungement is filed with the Prothonotary Office located in Superior Court

Crime Victim Information
Information for persons who have been victims of crime


Traffic Tickets FAQ
Learn about your options if you receive a traffic ticket, including how to pay your ticket and how to plea not guilty and go to court.

e-Ticket Instructions

Ticket Calculation
Sample Traffic Cases: fines, costs and statutory assessments

Points for motor vehicle offenses (off site link)
Driver's license over 18, FAQs


Probation Before Judgment
Probation before judgment (PBJ) provides a means for a first offender to avoid having a conviction entered against him or her.