Use of Generic Court E-Mailboxes

Use of Generic Court E-Mailboxes

In an effort to make court operations more efficient, the Justice of the Peace Court has approved the following documents to be sent and received by using generic court e-mailboxes (see Justice of the Peace Hours & Locations for court e-mailbox addresses). All documents received by the court shall be reviewed for authenticity whenever judicial action is required for the case. The use of court e-mailboxes is not mandatory; however, the court encourages the use of these mailboxes if at all possible.

Criminal Courts

  1. Media requests
  2. Continuance requests
  3. Defensive driving certificates
  4. Out-of-state driving records
  5. Transfer requests
  6. Letters of Appearance from Attorneys
  7. Proof of insurance/registration
  8. Pleas in absentia forms

Civil Courts

  1. Continuance requests
  2. Answers to Complaint-Form 7
  3. Answers on Garnishments-Form 17A
  4. Counterclaims

NOTE: The use of the generic court e-mailboxes is not a substitute for e-filing.