Press Releases

News/Announcements Date
Commissioner Babowal Press Release 05/19/2022
Judicial Branch Employee of the Year Cynthia Coleman receives 2021 Governor’s Award 05/02/2022
Delaware Family Court judge hosts a legal education program looking at the connection between animal abuse and domestic violence cases 04/22/2022
Celebration of the Life of Justice Holland Set for April 30 04/08/2022
Delaware Judiciary mourns the passing of retired Delaware Supreme Court Justice Randy J. Holland 03/16/2022
Wilmington Friends School wins the 2022 Delaware High School Mock Trial Competition 03/07/2022
Delaware Supreme Court Adopts Special Rule of Criminal Procedure for Pretrial Release 03/03/2022
Delaware Judiciary lifts mandatory mask order in all Delaware Court facilities on March 2, 2022 02/28/2022
Bench and Bar Diversity Committee Issues Report and Recommendations to the Delaware Supreme Court 02/22/2022
Delaware Judicial Branch launches pilot project to allow public to bring cell phones in some courthouses 02/07/2022
Cynthia Coleman Named Judicial Branch Employee of the Year 01/31/2022
Delaware Supreme Court Announces Adoption of New Supreme Court Rule 57.1 to Allow Non-Lawyer Representation of Residential Tenants in Eviction Actions 01/28/2022
Vice Chancellor Joseph R. Slights III Announces His Retirement 01/18/2022
Vice Chancellor J. Travis Laster is sworn in for his second term on the Delaware Court of Chancery 10/29/2021
Delaware Board of Bar Examiners announces results of 2021 administration of the Delaware Bar Examination and adjustments to scoring methodology. 10/21/2021
Delaware Judiciary, State Leaders Mark 50th Anniversary of Delaware Family Court 10/01/2021
Leonard L. Williams Justice Center Security Officer Receives National Awards for Protecting the Courthouse in 2020 09/24/2021
Meghan Lapointe named Judicial Fellow for the 2021-22 school year 09/15/2021
Moratorium on the Delaware Courts’ Collection of Fees and Fines During the COVID-19 Emergency Lifted Effective Immediately 09/10/2021
The Honorable Danielle J. Brennan is sworn in as a Judge of the Superior Court of Delaware 09/09/2021
Justice of the Peace Court Location Changes in September and October 08/31/2021
Los tribunales de Delaware restituyen la orden del uso obligatorio de mascarillas a partir del 16 de agosto, 2021, para combatir la variante Delta del COVID-19 08/11/2021
Delaware Courts to restore mask mandate on Monday, August 16, 2021 to combat the COVID-19 Delta variant 08/11/2021
Court of Chancery Announces Revised Guidelines for Persons Litigating in the Court of Chancery 08/05/2021
The Honorable Paul A. Fioravanti, Jr. Takes the Oath of Office for Vice Chancellor of the Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware 08/03/2021