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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get an application?

If you are interested in applying for a position with the Delaware Judiciary, please click on the apply icon next to the job posting in which you are interested. The link will direct you to the appropriate application form. Be sure to read the instructions contained within each individual job posting as to how and where to submit your application.

Submit one employment application per position and print out a copy to keep for your records. Be sure to complete every section and answer all questions on the application form. Please do not submit copies of letters or training certificates, unless stated as a requirement. Again, it is important that you submit the appropriate application form for each desired position.

What are the categories of employees and types of employment within the Delaware Judiciary?

The Delaware Judiciary has three categories of employees:

  • Classified are contractors, temporary employees, casual/seasonal, and other positions identified in another category, such as Non-Classified or Confidential.
  • Non-Classified are contractors, temporary employees, casual/seasonal, and other positions identified in another category, such as Non-Classified or Confidential.
  • Confidential are those employees who are directly selected by and serve at the pleasure of a justice or judge, which include judicial secretary, Magistrate in Chancery, law clerk, attorneys, and those positions which provide direct secretarial support to the Director of the Administrative Office of the Courts and each court administrator.

Please review to the Judicial Branch Personnel Rules for more detailed information.

Any employee who holds one of these positions as of November 15, 1995, and was hired into that position in a classified status, shall retain classified status for the duration of tenure in that specific position.

Employment Type Court/Agency Application Process
Non-Merit System Judicial Branch

(These courts and agencies are exempt from the State of Delaware Merit System.)
Supreme Court
Court of Chancery
Superior Court
Family Court
Court of Common Pleas
Justice of the Peace Court
Administrative Office of the Courts, which includes the Judicial Information Center and the Office of State Court Collection Enforcement
Law Libraries
Office of the Public Guardian
Educational Surrogate Parent Program
Office of the Child Advocate
Maternal and Child Death Review Commission
Delaware Nursing Home Residents Quality Assurance Commission
Governed by the Judicial Branch Personnel Rules. Applications must be submitted by completing the Delaware Judicial Branch application form and returning it by following the instructions on the specific job posting.

Is there a number I can call for information?

You will be notified regarding your qualifications for each position for which you apply. If you do not hear anything within a reasonable period of time, you may call the Employment Services Phone Line at (302) 255-2515 or the specific HR representative for the court or agency to which you have applied. This information is available at Human Resources Contacts in the Courts. Information regarding benefits is available on the Delaware Department of Human Resources website.