Operating Procedures


  1. Personnel
  1. Policies and Procedures:

    The Judicial Branch shall adhere to the policies and procedures that govern employees and Judicial Officers, as applicable, and as revised from time to time by the Administrative Office of the Courts, including:
    1. The Judicial Branch Personnel Rules, attached as Appendix J, and all other provisions that apply;
    2. The Code of Conduct for Judicial Branch Employees, attached as Appendix K;
    3. The Policies and Procedures for the Management of Casual/Seasonal and Contractual Employees Under the Affordable Care Act, attached as Appendix L;
    4. The Code of Conduct for Law Clerks, attached as Appendix M; and
    5. The Delaware's Judges' Code of Judicial Conduct, attached as Appendix N.
    In addition, employees shall adhere to policies and procedures promulgated by their specific Court or Judicial Agency.
  2. Communications and Computer Systems Policy:

    To ensure the security of the computer network and the integrity of data stored on State Systems, Judicial Branch employees shall adhere to the Judicial Branch Authorized Use Policy for the Communications and Computer Systems, attached as Appendix O.
  3. Floating Holidays:

    The Delaware Judicial Branch Floating Holiday Policy, attached as Appendix P, establishes, subject to certain restrictions, two floating holidays for benefit-eligible employees that must be taken within the calendar year.
  4. Tobacco-Free Workplace:

    The Judicial Branch is a tobacco-free workplace. The Judicial Branch Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy is attached as Appendix Q.
  5. Effect of Domestic Violence on the Workplace:

    The Judicial Branch Domestic Violence Policy, attached as Appendix R, addresses domestic violence and its effects on the workplace. Courts and Judicial Agencies may, with the approval of the Chief Justice, adopt more rigorous provisions that may apply to that Court or Judicial Agency.
  6. Judicial Education:

    1. Mandatory Continuing Legal Education: Judicial Officers and Members of the Bar shall adhere to the Delaware Rules for Continuing Legal Education, attached as Appendix S.
    2. Judicial Education Committee: A Judicial Education Committee composed of representatives from the Courts shall meet to discuss topics appropriate for judicial education. The Committee shall be chaired by the Chief Justice or a designee. The Administrative Office of the Courts shall provide administrative support as needed.
  7. Judicial Branch Employee Training:

    The Administrative Office of the Courts will provide Judicial Branch employees with training opportunities, including the ability to learn new skills or reinforce current skills, especially in the areas of technology and case processing.
  8. Policy Distribution:

    Judicial Branch employees shall familiarize themselves with relevant policies and procedures upon assumption of their duties. New Judicial Branch employees shall be supplied with a copy of all applicable Judicial Branch policies and procedures by their appointing authority, who shall ensure that copies of these operating procedures, and all relevant policies and procedures, are distributed to every employee.

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