Justice of the Peace Court Videophone System

The Justice of the Peace Court has been in the forefront of the videophone communications system. This multi-jurisdictional effort demonstrates exceptional cooperation among levels and branches of government. The project is unique in that it allows the police, courts, and other participating agencies to conduct business without physically traveling among their offices, which improves the state's criminal justice system and saves the taxpayers' dollars in fighting crime.  To date, the Justice of the Peace Court use of videophone technology has accounted for tens of millions of dollars in documented cost savings.

When any of the participating police agencies makes an arrest, they can use the videophone to call any of the participating Justice of the Peace Courts for arraignment and to set bail. The court is also using the videophone system to issue arrest warrants and search warrants to the police and to conduct search warrant "returns" where the evidence confiscated is presented to the judge.

The following Justice of the Peace Courts are equipped with a videophone system:

Court No. 2 - Lewes
Court No. 3 - Georgetown
Court No. 4 - Seaford
Court No. 6 - Harrington
Court No. 7 - Dover
Court No. 9 - Middletown
Court No. 10 - Prices Corner
Court No. 11 - New Castle
Court No. 20 - Wilmington

In addition to the use of videophone technology by the above Court locations, Court 2 has been designated the "Statewide Videophone Court." That location processes thousands of warrant applications and initial arraignments each month for police and correction agencies throughout the State on an expedited basis.