Special Procedures for Service of Process on Insurance Companies

If you are suing an insurance company doing business in Delaware, you MUST include the original and one extra copy of your complaint and a special $25.00 fee made payable to the Department of Insurance. You should be sure to indicate on the complaint that service is to be made on the Company you are suing, in care of the Insurance Commissioner. Use the following template as an example:

"(Name of Insurance Co. here)" c/o Delaware Department of Insurance.

Special Procedures for Service When Suing the State

If you are suing the State, or any office agency, department, board of commission of state government, or officer of the state government concerning matters relating to his or her official powers or duties, the law requires that process be served upon the Attorney General, the State Solicitor, or the Chief Deputy Attorney General. In this situation, you must file an extra copy of your complaint with the court and indicate to the Court that such service should be made by naming the defendant, for example:

Attorney General/ State Solicitor/Chief Deputy Attorney General

Paper Use Commission of the State of Delaware