Delaware Courts are currently in Phase Three of the reopening plan as of June 1, 2021. Learn more about the public reopening plan.

For the latest on the Delaware Judiciary response to COVID-19 – and for contact information for each court during this emergency – please visit The Delaware Judiciary Response to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) page.

The Delaware Courts will be closed Friday June 18, 2021 in honor of Juneteenth. Justice of the Peace Courts 11 (New Castle County), 7 (Kent County), and 3 (Sussex County) will remain open.

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Supreme Court Forms 20 Forms

Number Title Revision Date Court Style
26(d)(iii) Affidavit 05/18/2018 Supreme Court
Certificate of Service 04/09/2018 Supreme Court
Form A Form A - Notice of Appeal [Rule 7 (c)] 04/06/1999 Supreme Court
Form B Form B - Notice of Cross-Appeal [Rule 7(c)] 04/06/1999 Supreme Court
Form C Form C - Directions to court reporter of Proceedings below to be transcribed [Rule 9(e)] 04/06/1999 Supreme Court
Form D Form D - Statement in lieu of ordering transcript of proceedings below [Rule 9(e)] 04/06/1999 Supreme Court
Form E Form E - Notice of Appearance [Rule 12a] 05/07/2018 Supreme Court
Form F Form F - Motion under Rule 15(b) [Rule 15(b)] 04/06/1999 Supreme Court
Form G Form G - Motion to Affirm [Rule 25(a)] 04/06/1999 Supreme Court
Form H Form H - Motion for leave to withdraw as counsel [Rule 26(d)] 04/06/1999 Supreme Court
Form I Form I - Application by the State for leave to appeal [Rule 27(b)] 04/06/1999 Supreme Court
Form J Form J - Supersedas bond [Rule 32(c)] 09/13/2005 Supreme Court
Form K Form K - Certificate of questions of law [Rule 41] 04/06/1999 Supreme Court
Form L Form L - Order [granting or denying] leave to appeal from interlocutory order [Rule 42] 05/15/2015 Supreme Court
Form M Form M - Notice of Appeal from Interlocutory Order 04/06/1999 Supreme Court
Form N Form N - Complaint in Proceedings for Extraordinary Writ [Rule 43] 04/06/1999 Supreme Court
Form O Form O - Motion and order for admission pro hac vice [Rule 71] 05/07/2018 Supreme Court
Form P Form P - Disclosure of Corporate Affiliations and Financial Interest 04/06/1999 Supreme Court
Form Q Form Q - Motion and Affidavit to Proceed In Forma Pauperis 01/14/2013 Supreme Court
Form R Form R - Certificate of Compliance with Typeface Requirement and Type-Volume Limitation 10/03/2016 Supreme Court