Records Access in the Family Court

A Guide to Electronic Copies of the Court Hearings in the Family Court.

1. May I review my Court file?  

Yes.  You may go to the Records Room of the Family Court location where your file is located to review your Family Court file.  All records must be reviewed in the presence of a Family Court staff person.  This is done to prevent tampering with files. Please review the Public Access Policy and Privacy of Proceedings chart for more information.

2. When is the Records Room open?

The Records Room is open to the public Monday through Friday (except legal holidays) from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

3. Do I need any identification to review my Court file?

Yes.  You must have proper identification with a picture (examples:  driver's license, military I.D., or state identification card).

4. Will I be able to review my file on the same day that I go into Court and ask to see it?

In most cases, yes.  There are circumstances when your file may not be readily available and you may have to return at a later date.  For example, if the file has been sent to State Archives, it may take a few days to locate the microfilm of the file and get the information ready for you to review.  Or if your file is with a judge or with other court personnel, it will not be immediately available.  In any such case where the file is not currently accessible, the records clerk will tell you when you can come back or will call you when the file is available.

NOTE:  If your file is on microfilm, there is a fee to retrieve the records.  (Please see the Schedule of Assessed Costs, which is posted in the Records Unit, Cashier's Unit, and available on the Court's website, for rate.)

5. May I have a copy of information that is in my Court file?

You may obtain a copy of legal documents, such as complaints, information, petitions, and Court Orders upon payment of the designated fee. Instructions for obtaining a copy of a decree are at Obtain Copies of Divorce or Annulment Decrees.

You cannot obtain a copy of social documents, such as psychological evaluations, social histories, pre sentence investigations, or custody investigations, unless a judicial officer has ordered that you can have a copy of these documents.

6. What is the fee to obtain a copy of a document in my file?

There are three types of copies available to you:   a photocopy, a certified copy, and an exemplified copy.  The fee for each is stated in the Court's Schedule of Assessed Costs, which is posted in the Records Unit, the Cashier's Unit, and available on the Court's website.

7. May I obtain an audio copy of my court hearing? 

Only parties to the proceeding, or the party’s authorized attorney, shall be entitled to an electronic copy on CD of a hearing. A party or the party’s attorney must submit an “Application to Request Audio Record and Affidavit of Proper Use” (Form # 801).  Instructions for obtaining a copy of your hearing can be found on the Court Informational Sheet for Electronic Court Copies of Hearings.

NOTE:  Family Court staff cannot interpret orders for you. If you have questions about the meaning of an Order, you should contact an attorney.