Where and How to File Petitions and Related Documents with the Family Court

Required court forms and related documents may be filed with the Family Court in any county in the State of Delaware. The paperwork will be transferred to the county that has jurisdiction to hear the matter. In Kent and Sussex Counties, you may file your papers at the Resource Centers on the first floor of the Family Court buildings. In New Castle County, you may file your papers at the Resource Center on Lower Level 1 of the Leonard L. Williams Justice Center.

When filing in person or by mail, you must provide the Court with the appropriate filing fee, an original and copy of each document filed. You should also keep a copy of all documents for your records. For information on which forms to file, please review the Frequently Asked Questions or Instruction Packet related to your filing. For a list of filing fees, please view our Schedule of Assessed Costs.

If you file your papers in person or by mail, Courthouse hours and location addresses can be found on our website. The Court does NOT accept filings that are faxed.

Most civil filings can also be emailed to the Court. For more information on filing by email, please review the Civil Filing by Email FAQ