Family Court New Employee

Merit Employee Orientation Forms and Policies

Welcome to the Family Court of Delaware. We are pleased that you have chosen to be a part of the Family Court and look forward to your contributions. This section of our website is designed to help you get started on your employment at Family Court.

All hired employees new to Family Court are required to attend a New Employee Orientation. Once the job offer is extended and accepted, Human Resources will schedule the new employee for the next available New Employee Orientation based upon their start date. Please bring the designated items from the below categories. The New Employee Orientation will cover the below items, as well as Benefits, etc. Please contact Human Resources if you have any questions about the items listed below or what exactly you will need to bring to your Orientation

 General Human Resources Forms

In order to facilitate payroll processing and other important items, please complete highlighted areas of each of the items below. Each of the four items in this box are to be printed and completed. Bring all printed items with you with the rest of your new hire paperwork to your day one orientation with Human Resources.


  • Complete the highlighted areas ONLY.
  • Please bring the appropriate supporting documentation for the I-9 form.
  • You are NOT required to provide a voided check or other items for direct deposit.
  • Provide as much information as you have for the Notifind form. You will not be able to complete the entire form due to information you won’t have yet.
  • Remember to sign all forms if and where applicable.

Print and complete forms below:
1) I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
2) W-4 Employee Withholding Certificate
3) Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization (P8110)
4) Notifind - Emergency Notification
5) Delaware W-4 form
6) PHRST New Hire Form
7) Office of Pensions Forms (State Employees ONLY)

 Family Court Security/Access Forms

In order to facilitate system access and email account establishment, please review each of the policies below. After reviewing each item, print the first page only in each. Complete the indicated highlighted areas only. Bring the completed forms with you to your day one orientation with Human Resources.


  • Print the first page ONLY in each item below.
  • Complete the highlighted areas ONLY.
  • Remember to sign all forms if and where applicable.

Print and complete forms below:
1) DELJIS-CJIS Request for Access
2) DTI Acceptable Use Policy
3) Judicial Branch Authorized Use

 New Merit Employee Orientation Forms and Policies

In addition to the above forms, Family Court requires all employees to read and understand all of the policies and items listed below. Several items must be printed and signed as indicated. The alphabetized items below are captured within the Master acknowledgment form. As a result, they do NOT need to be printed. Bring only the printed items with you along with the rest of the completed paperwork with you to your day one orientation with Human Resources.


  • Unless indicated with “PRINT,” you do NOT need to print an item.
  • Print page one ONLY in the indicated items below. Sign each item as indicated by the highlighting.
  • DO NOT sign the Master acknowledgment form until your first day with a representative of Family Court Human Resources.

Print if indicated Policy
PRINT 1 - Online Orientation Checklist
PRINT 2 - Judicial Branch Code of Conduct
PRINT 3 - Family Court Confidentiality Agreement
PRINT 4 - Master Policy Acknowledgement
a - State of Delaware Merit Rules
b - Family Court Smoke-Free Work Environment
c - State of Delaware Drug-free Workplace
d - Family Court Dress Code
e - Judicial Branch Domestic Violence
f - State of Delaware Workplace Violence
g - Family Court Domestic Violence in Workplace
h - Family Court Sexual Harassment Prevention
i - Family Court Rewards & Recognition
j - Family Court Workplace Absences
k - Judicial Branch Emergency Court Closures
l - Family Court Conflict Resolution
m - Family Court Corrective Action
n - Family Court Travel Policy
o - Fleet Handbook
p - Family Court Personal cell phone authorization
q - Delaware Judicial Branch Social Media Policy