On June 26, 2018, the Delaware General Assembly enacted into law Senate Bill 235 that in sections 48 to 55 removed the statutory provisions related to the Child Placement Review Board (CPRB), bringing the work of the CPRB to a close. If you have questions related to the former functions of the CPRB, please visit the Child Protection Accountability Commission (CPAC) or call (302) 255-1730 or the Delaware Family Court or call (302) 255-0300.

If you have questions about the Educational and Training Vouchers program (ETV) please contact the Division of Family Services or call (302) 633-2638.

Child Placement Review Board

The Child Placement Review Board (CPRB) was established to further the best interests of children who are in the care and custody of a placement agency through the intervention of the state, whether that intervention takes the form of foster care or adjudication under the Family Court system.

The Child Placement Review Board is an independent, citizen-based agency that has established Review Committees in each of Delaware's three counties. The Review Committees bring citizens of diverse backgrounds and perspectives to focus on the needs of individual children. Through the mechanism of regular, independent reviews, the State of Delaware seeks to foster permanency and emphasize provision of necessary services, education, and preparation for independent living.

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About Us

Our mission is to advocate on behalf of Delaware's children in out-of-home placements.

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Panel Reviews

CPRB reviews offer an independent, citizen-based assessment of foster care in Delaware and treatment of delinquent youth.

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Interested in becoming a volunteer? See if you meet the qualifications and fill out the volunteer application.

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Information on the Ivyane D. F. Davis Memorial Scholarship and much more.

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Assist Appeals

ASSIST is a state funded program that provides enhanced independent living services for youth who have aged out of Delaware's foster care system.

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