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Delaware Docket Newsletter
Winter 2009/2010


The COTS civil system was implemented statewide in Superior Court on October 5, 2009 when New Castle and Kent Counties went live, joining Sussex County Superior Court which went live in 2008. This transition also included the successful downloading of information from the existing Lexis Nexis e-filing system into the COTS Contexte system. This means that information that is e-filed is automatically entered into the case management system. This reduces time and effort for Superior Court staff who, prior to the introduction of COTS, had to manually enter this data. Because of time savings for both court staff and users (who no longer have to come to the courthouse to file a case), the use of e-filing has continued to expand, with the Superior Court extending e-filing to all judgment cases filed with the Prothonotary in all counties, as of January 1, 2010.

The COTS civil system, which was previously implemented in the Justice of the Peace Court and the Court of Common Pleas, also provides for better document management, significantly improved management reporting, and access to civil case information remotely through CourtConnect. This enhanced public access allows internet access to general information about the progress of civil cases in the three courts in which it has been implemented.

President James T. Vaughn Jr.
Pat Battersby (seated) from the New Castle County Superior Court’s Judgment Division and Barbara Palo (COTS Trainer from JIC) entering judgments into the Contexte system following implementation of COTS in Superior Court on October 5, 2009.