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Delaware Docket Newsletter
Winter 2008


The Court of Chancery is pleased to announce the addition of a guardianship monitor position within the Court of Chancery. Sherri J. Harmer, a current judicial case manager with the Court of Chancery, has been selected to fill the position and will assist the Court in developing and implementing new services that will be available to all appointed guardians. Guidance for the appointed guardians in seeking the appropriate available services needed for the disabled person, review of the care being provided to the disabled person, the creation of a volunteer program, and oversight of a guardian’s compliance with the Court’s orders, are a few of the services available.

The Court of Chancery would like to thank the Administrative Office of the Courts for its help in establishing this new position.

Guardianship Mentoring Program
Sherri J. Harmer, Guardianship Monitoring Program Director for the Court of Chancery, discussing services available