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Delaware Docket Newsletter
Summer 2014

William Penn v. Lord Baltimore Goes on the Road

William Penn v. Lord Baltimore, a theatrical adaption of Justice Randy Holland's historical book, Delaware's Destiny as Determined by Lewes, was presented at the Terry Carey American Inn of Court in Milford on January 15, 2014 and again at the Melson-Arsht Inn of Court in Wilmington on April 8, 2014. The play, written by Justice Holland, traces the historical events that led to Delaware becoming a separate state and was well received by the audience.

Complete with costumes and musical interludes performed by Superior Court Judge Robert B. Young, Justice Holland narrated as members of the respective Inns reenacted scenes described in his book. "It was great fun participating in Justice Holland's play and bringing a vital piece of Delaware's history "  how the legal battle between William Penn and Lord Baltimore gave Delaware its shape " to life for the members of the Terry Carey Inn," remarked Shaun Kelly, a Supreme Court law clerk who performed at the Terry Carey Inn. Staci Pesin, a Family Court law clerk, concurred, "the play was a great opportunity for judges, attorneys, and law clerks to work together and get to know each other. We had a lot of fun rehearsing and performing."

David A. Boswell, Esq., John F. Brady, Esq., Nicole M. Faries, Esq., Zach Greenberg (Supreme Court law clerk), Shaun Kelly (Supreme Court law clerk), David N. Rutt, Esq., Judge Paula T. Ryan, Lauren Sanders (Family Court law clerk), and Elizabeth L. Soucek, Esq., participated in the play at the Terry Carey Inn as members of the William Storey Pupilage Group.

The Crompton Pupilage Group, performing as the Crompton Colonial Criers, in the production at the Melson-Arsht Inn of Court included Bonnie E. Copeland, Esq., Edward (Mike) F. Eaton, Esq., Kathryn J. Laffey, Esq., Andrew Meyer (Family Court law clerk), Staci Pesin (Family Court law clerk), Shana A. Pinter, Esq., Phyllis R. Scully, Esq., and Judge Barbara Crowell.


PICTURED STANDING IN BACK ROW: Judge Robert B. Young, John F. Brady, Esq., Justice Randy J. Holland, Judge Paula T. Ryan, Lauren Sanders (Family Court law clerk), David A. Boswell, Esq.

SITTING IN FRONT ROW: Elizabeth L. Soucek, Esq., Shaun Kelly (Supreme Court law clerk), Zach Greenberg (Supreme Court law clerk), Nicole M. Faries, Esq., and David N. Rutt, Esq.


PICTURED STANDING BACK ROW: Judge Young, Mike Eaton, Esq., Andrew Meyer (Family Court law clerk), Justice Holland, Kathryn Laffey, and Kemp Vye.

SITTING FRONT ROW: Shana Pinter, Esq., Bonnie Copeland, Esq., Staci Pesin (Family
Court law clerk), Judge Crowell, and Phyllis Scully, Esq.