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Delaware Docket Newsletter
Spring 2012



Judges Kenneth S. Clark, Jr. and Rosemary B. Beauregard of the Court of Common Pleas with Judicial Branch Employee of the Year, George Wyatt.

George Wyatt, the Judicial Branch Employee of the Year, has provided outstanding service to theCourt of Common Pleas since his hire in 1996 as a Senior Court Clerk and hissubsequent promotion to Judicial Case Manager. George is an extremely conscientious employee, being the first employee to arrive to work each day. George volunteers to pick up the paperwork from Justice of the Peace Court each morning before arriving to work. He also prepares all of the resulting add‐on work for the day including, but not limited to, Capias Returns and Arraignments, and completes all the related functions such as arranging for transportation or video conferencing of inmates and faxing calendars to the Attorney General's Office before most other employees report for work. Because of George's extraordinary efforts, the Court of Common Pleas in Sussex County is able to resolve a great majority of its add‐on matters on the same day, without the need for further scheduling or processing, adding greatly to the Court's efficiency.

George routinely goes above and beyond what is both required and expected in preparing his trial calendar and in his work in the courtroom. He takes the initiative to gather information that he anticipates the Judge will need during trial, does the appropriate research, and is ready to provide the information in Court. Additionally, George goes above and beyond in retrieving information for the Deputy Attorneys General, Assistant Public Defenders, private counsel, and defendants despite being outside the scope of his job requirements. George makes it his mission to do what is needed to facilitate the Court's work and increase the efficiency of the Court.

In addition, George has an outstanding attendance record. He takes very little time off, and donates much of his accumulated time to other Court of Common Pleas employees throughout the State who are dealing with medical issues.

George Wyatt has quietly and selflessly provided dedicated and exceptional service to the Court of Common Pleas since his hire in 1996. He is repeatedly complimented by members of the local Bar on his willingness to answer questions and provide information and his knowledge of the Court's processes is frequently recognized. George is regularly sought out by attorneys and members of other state agencies when they need assistance with a Court matter, and George courteously renders assistance without hesitation.

Other employees who were nominated for this award and who will be honored as the Employee of the Year for their respective courts or the Administrative Office of the Courts were:

Lisa Robinson, Deputy Court Administrator (former Prothonotary) for Superior Court; Dianne Woodson, Judicial Case Processor Supervisor for Family Court; Denise Baker, Melody Chesser, Phyllis Conner and Susan McNatt, Justice of the Peace Court 4 employees; and Karen Antonelli, Dave Brezenski, and Aida Torres, Administrative Office of the Courts New Castle County Courthouse Information Desk Team.s