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Delaware Docket Newsletter
Fall 2013

Delaware Supreme Court Launches Free Online
Access to Video Recorded Proceedings

Oral Arguments

The Supreme Court recently updated its website to provide additional content to the public. Thanks to the hard work of staff from the Judicial Information Center, including Kevin Bowers and Ken Thompson, as of November 8, 2013, video recordings of oral arguments and related Supreme Court briefs and opinions are available online, free of charge, through the Supreme Court's website. The video recordings date back to October 9, 2013 and future videos may be viewed one to two days after the argument date. Audio recordings of Supreme Court arguments have been accessible on the website since 2004. Future website enhancements include possible plans to live stream arguments and other upgrades which would make information available closer to real time. Only recordings of non-confidential cases are available on this web page. On-demand video or audio of oral arguments may be accessed on the website for one year from the date of the argument.

"We are providing free of charge video of oral arguments to significantly improve global access to Delaware Supreme Court proceedings. Audio of oral arguments before the Court has been available online since 2004, but now links to the written briefs, the video of the oral argument, and ultimately the Court's final decision in the case will be available on one page of the Court's website. This convenient access to the cases on appeal will foster public understanding of the work of the Court and also provide educational opportunities for lawyers, professors, teachers, students and the general public to learn about appellate advocacy and appellate decision making in Delaware."
                       — Justice Henry duPont Ridgely, Delaware Supreme Court.