We have been notified that citizens are receiving phone calls regarding owing fines to the Court and being offered the opportunity to pay them over the phone. The Court would NEVER call in this kind of situation. If you receive a call like this, please call the Court to verify if there are any pending cases and/or fines due. Thank you.

The Delaware State Courts will be closed on Monday, May 27, 2024 for Memorial Day. Justice of the Peace Court 11 (New Castle County) and Court 7 (Kent County) will remain open 24 hours and Justice of the Peace Court 3 (Sussex County) will be open from 6AM-Midnight (no new cases after 11PM).

Appropriate Attire


The following attire is deemed inappropriate for court appearances and entry into a Justice of the Peace court facility:

  • Clothing that:
    • Contains offensive illustrations including those depicting:
      • Profane language
      • Acts of violence
      • Acts of a sexual nature
    • Promotes drugs or alcohol use
    • Is gang related
  • Muscle shirts and tank tops
  • Halters, tube tops or bare midriffs
  • Clothing that is see through or unduly revealing
  • Cut off jeans or extremely short shorts
  • Micro or mini Skirts
  • Pants that fall below the hips or expose undergarments or bare skin
  • Hair curlers, hats or head coverings (except those worn for religious purposes)
  • Bare feet
  • Any other attire that is deemed inappropriate by the presiding judicial officer

Wearing inappropriate attire and being denied entry to the courthouse will not be an excuse as to tardiness or failure to appear for any court hearing. It is in the best interest of all persons entering the court to always wear acceptable clothing as failure to appear or tardiness may result in the issuance of a capias. For more information, please read Policy Directive 11-240.