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The Office of the Child Advocate is a small office that operates statewide. OCA is mandated to provide legal representation to Delaware's most indigent population - dependent, neglected, and abused children - and accomplishes this charge through 4 Deputy Child Advocates and over 375 volunteer attorneys throughout the state. In addition to providing direct legal services to children, OCA also engages in legislative advocacy on behalf of children and youth, and oversees Delaware's child welfare system by participating on numerous boards and committees that continuously seek to improve the practices and policies of the system.

For students interested in learning more about the child welfare system and being an advocate for children, an internship or clerkship with OCA is an excellent opportunity to gain first hand experience. During your time with OCA you can expect to interact with various members of the legal profession, child welfare professionals, the general public and various political figures as you navigate the child protection system.

Activities of an Intern or Law Clerk

Reviewing medical, legal, and psychological records
Attending court hearings
Attending child welfare policy meetings
Conducting research for hot topics
Drafting and filing briefs, motions and other legal documents
Shadowing Judges or DFS workers
Answering phones and taking referrals

"I just graduated and am starting a Master's in Counseling program at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall. My internship helped me get there."

Danielle N., former OCA Intern


OCA provides a flexible, well-rounded experience to its interns and law clerks. Due to the nature of the work, OCA requires that students complete their freshman year of college, or their first semester of law school, prior to participating in an internship or clerkship. While OCA considers each applicant on an individual basis, students pursuing some type of public service degree (Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Criminal Justice, etc.) are preferred. OCA can accommodate students with internship requirements for their major as well as those just interested in gaining experience and a better understanding of available career opportunities.

Due to the sensitive nature of the work, we insist that all students sign a Confidentiality Agreement and successfully complete a Child Protection Registry check.

Environment/Dress Code

Although OCA is a small office, we interact with other professionals and members of the public on a regular basis. While we strive to maintain a fun and informal atmosphere within the office, we insist on a professional appearance and demeanor. We do have a dress code policy of business casual.

Undergraduate Students: How to Apply

Intern with OCA!

Click the link to apply to intern with OCA: Internship Application

Office of the Child Advocate
Attn: Lauren Brueckner
6 West Market Street, Suite 2
Georgetown, DE 19947

Law Students: How to Apply

Clerk for OCA!

Send your resume and cover letter to:

Office of the Child Advocate
Attn: Molly Shaw, Esquire - Deputy Child Advocate
900 King Street, Suite 350
Wilmington, DE 19801

Or e-mail to

OCA also participates in the annual Public Interest/Public Service (PI/PS) Career Fair.

900 King Street
Suite 350
Wilmington, DE 19801
Main line: (302) 255-1730
Fax: (302) 577-6831

400 Court Street
Dover, DE 19901
Fax: (302) 672-1125

6 West Market Street
Suite 2
Georgetown, DE 19947
Main line: (302) 856-5720
Fax: (302) 677-7027