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Board of Bar Examiners of the Supreme Court of Delaware

Military Spouse Applicants

Board of Bar Examiners

Pursuant to Delaware Supreme Court Rule 55.4, a military spouse who is licensed as an attorney in another jurisdiction, and meets the qualifications of Rule 55.4, may file an application with the Board of Bar Examiners for a Delaware Certificate of Limited Practice as a Military Spouse.

An application may be submitted at any time. Applications will be considered once they are complete. An application is considered complete once the Board receives the completed application, including all of the required forms, and the state and federal criminal background checks.

 Frequently Needed Forms 

Information Sheet and Instructions for the Application for a Certificate of Limited Practice as a Military Spouse
Application for Certification of Limited Practice as a Military Spouse
Military Spouse Preceptor's Certificate
Military Spouse Certification Under Oath
Military Spouse Affidavit of Completeness
Military Spouse Supervising Attorney's Certificate
Form 11A / Military Service in the United States Armed Forces
Form 11B / Other Military Service
Form 12 / Certification of Employment
Form 16 / Bonding Companies
Form 17/ Record of Civil and Administrative Actions
Form 19 / Record of Bankruptcy or Insolvency
Form 20A / Record of Criminal Matters or Traffic Violations Involving Alcohol or Drugs
Form 20B / Description of Evaluation, Treatment, or Counseling Relating to Criminal Cases or Traffic Violations Involving Alcohol or Drugs
Form 21 / Record of Criminal Matters Not Involving Alcholo or Drugs
Form 22 / Record of Traffic Violations
Form 24 / Debts: Defaults; Past Due; Revocations
Form 27A / Description of Condition, Disability, or Impairment
Form 27B / Authorization to Release Medical Information
Form 28 / Impairment Raised as Issue
Military Spouse Supplemental Affidavit of Completeness for Forms 27A, 27B, and 28 to the Application for Admission to the Bar of the Supreme Court of the State of Delaware
Additional Detail Entry Q1 (Residence History)
Additional Detail Entry Q2 (Education Other Than Law Schools)
Additional Detail Entry Q3 (Education Law Schools)
Additional Detail Entry Q4 (Education Discipline Issues)
Additional Detail Entry Q5 (Prior Admission Applications)
Additional Detail Entry Q6 (Judicial Office)
Additional Detail Entry Q7 (Membership in Regulatory Disciplinary Body)
Additional Detail Entry Q8 (Disciplinary History)
Additional Detail Entry Q9 (Charge/Complaint/Grievance History)
Additional Detail Entry Q10 (Sanction/Disqualification History)
Additional Detail Entry Q12 (Employment History)
Additional Detail Entry Q25 (Creditors)
Military Spouse Preceptor's Law Clerk Schedule Certificate
Law Clerk Schedule of Legal Assignments

Board of Bar Examiners of the Supreme Court of Delaware
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