Interactive Forms

Below are a list of Justice of the Peace forms that have been made interactive for your convenience. An interactive form will fill in the Court form for you based on your answers to the questions it displays.

Landlord Tenant Summary Possession
Complaint by landlord or tenant to obtain possession of a residential rental unit. For additional information, please visit How to File and Defend a Summary Possession Action in the Justice of the Peace Court.

Return of Security Deposit
A type of debt action. See Debt below.

A debt action is a claim for a sum of money. Examples of debt actions include money claimed on a loan, money claimed for purchases made, money claimed because work for which payment has been made was not completed or properly done and/or money claimed for unpaid rent. For a security deposit not returned, use the Return of security Deposit interactive form.

A replevin action may be filed by a person to get back an article or item of personal property that is being withheld from them by another person.

A civil trespass action involves the wrongful, intentional, or negligent actions of a person that resulted in damage to another's property. For example, damages caused by an improper act of another person may involve an automobile as a result of a traffic accident, to a home, lawn, bicycle, or to any other personal property.

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This was beyond helpful: It was invaluable!!

(Summary Possession)

This was awesome thank you so much. Whenever you are dealing with the courts without a lawyer, you are scared to death but this made my claim so easy. I am not one to sue anyone but this time it was not right what the company did to me.Thank you so much.

(Debt Action)

This was very straight forward and helpful. Thank you.

(Return of Security Deposit)

This was very helpful as a cross reference and helping us with the process of filing.

(Summary Possession)

This was VERY helpful :)

(Debt Action)

Very helpful and easy to complete - I appreciated the simple, step-by-step instructions. Thank you!

(Debt Action)