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Constable Sales FAQs

What is a Constable Sale?

A constable sale is an execution on a judgment taken on personal property to satisfy a judgment.

When are Constable Sales held?

Refer to the Constable Sale Listing for the exact date, time and location of each sale. Generally, Constable Sales are scheduled as follows:

  • New Castle County sales are scheduled for every Thursday of the month.
  • Kent County sales are scheduled for every Wednesday of the month.
  • Sussex County sales are scheduled for every Tuesday of the month.

Where are Constable Sales advertised?

Information on Constable Sales can be obtained from the following sources:

Where are Constable Sales held?

Each Constable Sale Notice will clearly identify the location, date, time and items available.

What methods of payment are accepted?

The constables accept exact cash. Constables do not have the ability to make change.

How much money is required at the time of the Constable's Sale?

At the time of sale, the entire bid amount is due.

Who is eligible to bid?

The sale is open to the public.

Can I inspect the items before the Constable Sale?

No, the items are not available for inspection prior to the sale.

How do I buy items at the Constable Sale?

You will need to attend the sale at the date, time and location advertised. The sale is public and you will need to bid on the items.

Will I be notified if a sale is cancelled?

No, all sales can be stopped (stayed) at any time. Access to civil case information online 24-hours a day is available through CourtConnect or you may contact the Justice of the Peace Court prior to sale to make sure the sale has not been cancelled.

Is there any guarantee on items purchased at a Constable Sale?

All items purchased on an "as-is" basis.

If I buy a vehicle, will there be a title with the vehicle?

No title will not be with the vehicle. The Justice of the Peace Court will provide the buyer with the necessary forms to obtain title from DMV

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