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Welcome to the Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware
Court of Chancery Building

    The Delaware Court of Chancery is widely recognized as the nation's preeminent forum for the determination of disputes involving the internal affairs of the thousands upon thousands of Delaware corporations and other business entities through which a vast amount of the world's commercial affairs is conducted. Its unique competence in and exposure to issues of business law are unmatched.

Recent Amendments and Rule Changes:
new Notice for third year law students seeking clerkships with the Court of Chancery. The Court of Chancery welcomes applications for clerkships for the 2017-2018 term.  Applicants should submit their applications from February 1, 2016 until February 29, 2016, and are encouraged to do so as early as possible as interviews may be conducted on a rolling basis and positions are limited. Instructions for submitting an application.

The Honorable Tamika R. Montgomery-Reeves takes the Oath of Office for Vice Chancellor of the Delaware Court of Chancery (12/11/2015)

Delaware Courts to increase e-document fee to support universal e-filing initiative (12/08/2015)

Vice Chancellor John Noble to retire in February (November 19, 2015)

Amendment to Court of Chancery Rules, Section XIII, Rule 113. Rule 113 was amended to make it consistent with 12 Del. C. 3951, which was recently amended by the General Assembly.  Rule 113(a) was amended to fix a cross reference to the statute.  Rule 113(b)(2) was amended to change the time period for interested parties to file objections to petitions to sell real estate. The time was increased from 13 days from the receipt of notice to 20 days from the date of notice. (September 1, 2015)

Delaware Supreme Court Adopts Delaware Rapid Arbitration Rules
Announcement | Order Adopting Delaware Rapid Arbitration Rules (effective June 22, 2015)

Amendments to the Delaware Supreme Court Rules and the Court of Chancery Rules Related to the Delaware Rapid Arbitration Act. To implement aspects of the recently-enacted Delaware Rapid Arbitration Act, 10 Del. C. § 5801 et seq. (“DRAA”), the Delaware Supreme Court and the Court of Chancery have amended their rules.  These amendments are effective June 1, 2015.

The Supreme Court has amended Supreme Court Rules 6, 7, 9, and 32.  Rule 6 has been amended to include the time for an appeal or cross-appeal of a final award under the DRAA.  Rule 7 has been amended to include the procedures for an appeal of a final award under the DRAA.  Rule 9 has been amended to clarify the record on appeal of a final award under the DRAA.  Rule 32 has been amended to include the procedure for a stay or injunction pending appeal of a final award under the DRAA. 

Court of Chancery Rules 96-98 also have been amended.  Rule 96 establishes the process for commencing a summary proceeding to appoint an arbitrator under the DRAA in certain circumstances, such as when the parties cannot agree on an arbitrator.  Rule 97 governs proceedings under the DRAA to enforce subpoenas, determine an arbitrator’s fees and enter judgment after arbitration.  Rule 98 was removed in its entirety and is reserved for future use.

Court of Chancery Rule Amendments for Rules 96-98
Order Amending Rules 6, 7, 9 and 32 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Delaware

Joint press release issued by the Courts

Court of Chancery issues rule amendments and adopts operating procedures. The Court of Chancery has amended several rules to incorporate the Court’s remaining standings orders, update certain rules to reflect best practices, and clarify the Court’s procedures for cases involving trusts, estates, and adult guardianships. The revisions to the rules are effective January 1, 2015.  The Court also adopted a set of operating procedures that include requirements that could not logically or efficiently be incorporated into the Court’s rules. 
Brief summary of the revisions and a link to each new rule
New operating procedures
Press release issued by the Court

Court of Chancery issues revised rule for guardianships of minor’s property.The Court of Chancery has amended Rule 180 in conjunction with the recent amendment to 12 Del. C. § 3901 and the recent revisions to Superior Court Rule 133.Together, the amendments to Section 3901 and the revised rules reduce the need for court-appointed guardians of minors' property. In addition to establishing the monetary threshold below which a guardian need not be appointed, the revised rule also establishes a procedure for petitions to appoint a limited guardian or a plenary guardian of a minor’s property, explains the notice and consent provisions required for such petitions, and lists the necessary exhibits that must accompany a petition. The revisions to Rule 180 are effective September 19, 2014.

Court of Chancery Updates Testamentary Trust Accounting Procedures. 12 Del. C  § 3521 has been amended to allow trusts beneficiaries to waive the need for future judicial accountings.  On all existing testamentary trust cases, if waivers cannot be obtained, any pleadings or accountings filed after July 1, 2014 must be electronically filed using File and Serve Xpress.


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Civil actions filed with the court are available online at File and ServeXpress - note there is a fee for this service, which is provided and maintained by an outside vendor. Civil action filigs can be viewed free of charge at the Register in Chancery office in New Castle, Kent or Sussex County.