Notice of upcoming changes to the E-Filing services for the Court of Common Pleas in Delaware - UPDATED information available HERE.

Electronic Filing in the Delaware Judiciary

Delaware eFLEX

eFiling in the Court of Common Pleas and Justice of the Peace Court Using eFlex*

eFlex will permit you to file your case directly with the Court of Common Pleas and the Justice of the Peace Court. Please note that both Courts require eFiling in certain cases. Please review the administrative/policy directives and eFile rules located below.

Your filing fees can be paid on eFlex, either by setting up a Court debit account from which fees can be deducted, or by using a credit card. If you wish to set up a debit account, please complete this application.

In addition to the filing fees associated with each case, you will also be assessed a technology fee. The fee in the Court of Common Pleas is $1.00 per main document and in the Justice of the Peace Court the fee is a $1.25 per document submitted.

Online Help and Instructions

Delaware eFiling Manualfor both JP and CCP Courts

Additional specifics for CCP Court: Court of Common Pleas eFiling Protocol Examples

Generic eFiling information from Tybera (eFlex author): eFlex User's Manual

Court of Common Pleas: Please note that e-filing is required in certain cases for the Court of Common Pleas. Please review the following: Administrative Directive 2008-2 E-filing Procedures and Court of Common Pleas efile rule.

Justice of the Peace Courts: Policy Directive 08-232 sets forth the criteria of those required to e-file along with the Order amending Rule 79.1 allowing the Justice of the Peace Court to implement e-filing procedures. Additional information can be found on the Justice of the Peace Court website.

*Family Court does not offer eFiling at this time.

Sign on to eFlex

Delaware eFlex Sign On | EFlex Support Contact Information

Steps to Become an eFlex eFiler

1. Review Getting Started Manual—Review the eFlex User's Manual for an overview of the processes, technical requirements, preparation and FAQ's of eFiling.

2. Sign up and Attend Training—You are required to attend a three-hour eFlex training session. If you have not yet attended a training session, view available training sessions and sign up for training.

3. Request eFlex Access—After attending the training, you will need to fill out the required form to request eFlex access. You will receive notification when your access is granted by a Delaware courts' system administrator.

4.Obtain Court Debit Account (optional)—You can pay for eFiling using a credit/debit card or Court Debit Account. Print out a Court Debit Account Application to request a Debit Account. Upon approval, the courts will e-mail you with the instructions on how to deposit money into the account.

File & ServeXpress

eFiling in Supreme Court, Court of Chancery and Superior Court using File & ServeXpress

Any person intending to eFile in these courts must register with File & ServeXpress.

File & ServeXpress will provide training to all filers and users. Contact them to arrange this by calling attorney customer support at 1-888-529-7587.

Supreme Court
Please refer to the Order Adopting a New Supreme Court Rule 10.1, 10.2 and 11(c) Electronic Filing for details on eFiling in the Supreme Court. Additional information can be found on the Supreme Court of Delaware eFiling page.

Court of Chancery
Please refer to Administrative Directive No. 2003-1 for details on eFile Administrative Procedures. Visit the Court of Chancery for additional information regarding eFiling.

Superior Court
Please refer to Administrative Directive 2007-6 for details on eFile Administrative Procedures. File & ServeXpress public access to documents is available on computer terminals in the Prothonotary's Office.

Visit Superior Court eLitigation page for additional File & ServeXpress Resources, Superior Court Quick Guides and Helpful Hints along with Directives, Rules and Standards.

Sign on to File & ServeXpress

File & ServeXpress