On Tuesday, January 17, 2017 the Kent County Courthouse, Family Court and Justice of the Peace Court 16 in Dover will be closed to the public and employees due to the Governor’s Inauguration ceremony.

Press Releases, Speeches, and Announcements

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Press Releases

News/Announcements Date
Justice Valihura to serve as opening keynote speaker for 2017 Directors Forum in San Diego 01/10/2017
Criminal Justice System partners unite at Criminal Justice Forum to improve how the system operates in Delaware 10/26/2016
Study on the role of race in the Delaware criminal justice system released 09/23/2016
The Delaware Judiciary expresses condolences on passing of retired Justice William T. Quillen 08/22/2016
The Delaware Judiciary welcomes release of DSBA/ACTL survey of Delaware Bar. Recommendations will guide Court reforms. 06/14/2016
Delaware Judiciary expresses condolences on passing of recently retired employee Vivian Anderson 05/16/2016
Chief Justice Strine participates in Delaware Historical Society panel discussion about race 03/29/2016
Justice Valihura participates in Harvard Roundtable on Corporate Governance 03/17/2016
The Delaware Courts unveil upgraded, more user-friendly and mobile device-friendly website 03/16/2016
Video broadcast of Delaware Supreme Court arguments now available in real time, online 03/09/2016
Delaware Judiciary expresses condolences on passing of retired Justice Henry Ridgely Horsey 03/04/2016
Justice Valihura participates in New York educational M&A seminar, pays tribute to pioneering NY judge 01/19/2016
Delaware Courts to increase e-document fee to support universal e-filing initiative 12/08/2015
Committee on Fairness in the Criminal Justice system holds public hearings 12/04/2015
Justices take part in ceremony for historical marker at Eden Hill Farm 10/02/2015
New court website provides comprehensive details on the disciplinary process for Delaware judges 08/21/2015
The Delaware Supreme Court Adopts New Delaware Rapid Arbitration Rules 06/19/2015
The Delaware Supreme Court and the Delaware Court of Chancery Issue Amended Rules Related to the Delaware Arbitration Act 05/21/2015
The Honorable Collins J. Seitz, Jr. Takes the Oath of Office for Justice of the Supreme Court of Delaware 05/01/2015
The Delaware Supreme Court Amends Delaware Supreme Court Rule 42 and Official Form L 04/30/2015
Bill Montgomery Selected as New Delaware Supreme Court Administrator 11/17/2014
Justice Holland Edits Book for Library of Congress Commemorating the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta 11/10/2014
Justice Randy J. Holland to Receive the American Inns of Court 2014 Lewis F. Powell Award for Professionalism and Ethics 08/05/2014
The Honorable Karen Valihura Takes the Oath of Office for Justice of the Supreme Court of Delaware 07/25/2014
The Honorable Leo E. Strine, Jr. Takes the Oath of Office for the Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court 02/28/2014