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Justice of the Peace Court
Chief Magistrate

Chief Magistrate Alan Davis
Alan Davis

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Justices of the Peace - Kent County

Ernst Arndt, Deputy Chief Magistrate, Court 7

Arndt, Ernst
Cox, D. Ken
Darling, Pamela
Dillard, Dwight

Foor, Debora
Grapperhaus, R. Hayes
Hutchison, Cathleen
Murray, James

Sherlock, Michael
Sweet, William
Wall, Jr., Robert

Justice of the Peace, Kent County

Bottom Row:  Pamela Darling, Debora Foor, Cathleen Hutchison
Middle Row: Chief Magistrate Davis, Dwight Dillard, D. Ken Cox
Back Row: Robert Wall, Jr., William J. Sweet

Not Pictured: R. Hayes Grapperhaus, Michael Sherlock, James Murray, Deputy Chief Magistrate Ernst Arndt

Justices of the Peace - New Castle County

Bonita Lee, Deputy Chief Magistrate, Court 13

Bawa, Nina
Brown, Thomas
Callender, Donald W.
Cline, Susan
Freel, Beatrice
Gravell, Kathy
Hanby, Sr., James R.
Kenney, Thomas
Kowal, Vincent
Letts, Marilyn

Lopez, Roberto
Lucas, Kathleen
McCabe-Stroman, Cheryl
McCormick, Sean
McNesby, Deborah
Page, Marie
Portante, Christopher
Roberts, Nancy
Ross, Katharine
Rutkowski, Rosalie

Skelley, David
Smith, Paul
Smith, Terry
Stallmann, Cheryl
Taylor, Vernon
Tull, James
Ufberg, Susan
Young, William S. III

Justice of the Peace, New Castle County

Bottom row: Deputy Chief Magistrate Bonita Lee, Marie Page, Kathleen Lucas, Beatrice Freel, Rosalie Rutkowski, Nancy Roberts
Second Row:  Deborah McNesby, Kathy Gravell, Chief Magistrate Alan Davis,  Cheryl McCabe-Stroman, Cheryl Stallmann
Third row: Susan Cine, Katherine Ross, Marilyn Letts, Susan Ufberg
Fourth Row: Vernon Taylor, William Moser, Roberto Lopez, James Hanby Sr., Sean McCormick
Fifth Row: William S. Young, III, Christopher Portante, James Tull
Sixth Row: Paul Smith, Vincent Kowal, Thomas Brown, Donald Callender, Jr.

Not pictured:  Nina Bawa, Thomas Kenney, David Skelley, Terry Smith

Justices of the Peace - Sussex County
Sheila G. Blakely, Deputy Chief Magistrate, Court 3
Adams, John
Adams, Stephani
Boddy, III, William
Bradley, Christopher A.
Coffelt, Jeni
Comly, Richard

Hagan, Herman
Horn, James
Hudson, John
Jewell, Michelle
Keenan, Deborah
Knapp, Rochelle

Martin, John McKenzie, John
Mollohan, Jana
Sipple, Larry
Wood, William (Patrick)

Justice of the Peace, Sussex County
First Row: Deborah Keenan, Deputy Chief Magistrate Sheila Blakely, Rochelle Knapp, Michelle Jewell, Jana Mollohan
Second Row: John Martin, John McKenzie, John Hudson, Chief Magistrate Alan Davis, Jeni Coffelt
Third Row: Christopher Bradley, John J. Adams, William Boddy III, Richard Comly
Fourth Row: Herman Hagan, James Horn, Larry Sipple

Not pictured: Stephani Adams, William P. Wood