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Answer to Petition for Visitation Instruction Packet

You should use Answer to Petition for Visitation Instruction Packet if you would like to file an Answer in response to a Petition for Visitation. Do NOT use this packet if you are filing an initial Petition for Visitation.

Answer to Visitation Instruction Packet (PDF) Adobe PDF icon

Answer Forms:
Below are links to the forms that are described in the Answer to Petition for Visitation Instruction Packet. Fill out and file the forms listed below. Do NOT file the forms that are in the Instruction Packet. The forms in the instruction packet are simply to help you understand how to fill out the real forms below. Read the instructions and sample forms in the Instruction Packet carefully BEFORE completing each of the forms below.

Several of the forms may be filled in online and then printed to be filed. If you do not fill out the forms on the computer, write neatly in blue or black ink.

Answer Microsoft Word Icon
Custody Separate Statement Microsoft Word Icon
Information Sheet Microsoft Word Icon
Waiver of Rights Under the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act Microsoft Word Icon
Motion for Continuance Microsoft Word Icon