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Child First™ (formerly Finding Words) first came to Delaware in 2006 as a project of the Department of Justice’s Abuse Intervention committee (AIC). In 2004, the Children’s Advocacy Center of Delaware (CAC) sent Det. Mary Devine (NCCPD) and Linda Shannon (DFS) to Maryland Finding Words in Easton, MD. Following this session, Delaware applied to be a Finding Words state. In October of 2004 the application was accepted and planning began shortly thereafter in the beginning of 2005. The first five day training session was held on January 30, 2006 at the University of Delaware’s Clayton Hall in Newark, DE. Between January 2006 and October 2013, 334 individuals were trained, most of whom were DFS workers, law enforcement officers, and Deputy Attorneys General in the Civil and Criminal Divisions of the Department of Justice.

What is Child First?

  • Child First™ is an intensive five-day course in which students learn the necessary skills to conduct a competent investigative interview of a child abuse victim using the CornerHouse forensic interview process entitled RATAC®.
  • Child First™ is an interactive course which combines lectures with demonstrations and hands-on experience.  Students will be required to interview a child about a non-abuse event to be critiqued by an expert forensic interviewer.  Students will also conduct a 30 minute interview with an actor/actress playing the role of an abused child and will be critiqued on their performance.
  • Child First™ Delaware is a course taught by faculty trained and certified by the NAPSAC’s National Child Protection Training Center in collaboration with CornerHouse, a non-profit interagency child abuse evaluation and training center located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Child First™ is the ideal course for law enforcement officers, social workers, prosecutors, child protection attorneys, and forensic interviewers seeking to enhance their ability to speak to and for abused children.
  • Since the start of Child First™(formerly Finding Words) in Delaware approximately 334 child protection professionals have been trained, representing all three of Delaware’s counties. This program has allowed for an increase in the number of interviewers using a consistent interviewing protocol and techniques, utilizing a team approach among the police, DFS, DOJ, and CAC, and enhancing communication between disciplines. Delaware Child Abuse Investigators and prosecutors now use a protocol based on research that is defensible in court.


  • 2015 dates: October 26-28, 2015
  • For Advanced Training Opportunities, please visit the National Child Protection Training Center's Website at and click on Training Conferences.
  • For more information about Delaware's Child First™ training program, please contact the Coordinator, Rosalie Morales at

Current Faculty and Administrators

  • Faculty
    • Jessica Begley, Office of the Child Advocate
    • Laura Burritt,  Children’s Advocacy Center of Delaware (CAC)
    • Dominique Daniago, Division of Family Services (DFS)
    • Jodi Lashley, Children's Advocacy Center of Delaware (CAC)
    • Eric Sherkey, New Castle County Police
  • Administrators
    • Rosalie Morales, Office of the Child Advocate
    • Victoria Witherell, Department of Justice (DOJ)
    • Jean Gardner, Division of Family Services (DFS)
    • Diane Klecan, Children's Advocacy Center of Delaware (CAC)


Resources and Publications

  • Please visit the National Child Protection Training Center's Website at and click on Publications.

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