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Office of the Child Advocate: Child Protection Accountability Commission
CPAC Membership


The Delaware Child Protection Accountability Commission is hereby established. The Commission shall consist of 20 members with the at-large members and the Chair appointed by the Governor, shall be staffed by the Office of the Child Advocate and shall be comprised of the following:
Statutory Role Name/Title
Secretary of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families
16 Del. C. § 912(a)(1)
The Honorable Jennifer Ranji
Secretary, DSCYF
Director of the Division of Family Services
16 Del. C. § 912(a)(2)
Dr. Victoria Kelly
Director, DFS
Two Representatives from the Attorney’s General Office
16 Del. C. § 912(a)(3)
Patricia Dailey Lewis, Esquire, Deputy Attorney General Director, Family Division

Kathy Jennings, Esquire, Deputy Attorney General Director, Criminal Division
Two Members of the Family Court
16 Del. C. § 912(a)(4)
The Honorable Chandlee Johnson Kuhn
Chief Judge, Family Court

The Honorable Joelle Hitch
Judge, Family Court
One Member of the House of Representatives
16 Del. C. § 912(a)(5)
The Honorable Melanie George Smith
Delaware State Representative
One Member of the Senate
16 Del. C. § 912(a)(6)
The Honorable Patricia Blevins
Delaware State Senator
Chair of the Child Placement Review Board
16 Del. C. § 912(a)(7)
Carolyn Walker
Chair, CPRB
Secretary of the Department of Education
16 Del. C. § 912(a)(8)
The Honorable Mark Murphy
Secretary, DOE

Mary Kate McLaughlin
Chief of Staff
Director of Child Mental Health Services
16 Del. C. § 912(a)(9)
Susan Cycyk
Director, CMH
Chair of the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council
16 Del. C. § 912(a)(10)
The Honorable Patricia Blevins
Chair, DVCC

Ellie Torres
Executive Director, DVCC
At-large Member – Medical Community
16 Del. C. § 912(a)(11)
Allan DeJong, M.D.
Medical Director, Children at Risk, CARE Program, DuPont Hospital for Children
At-large Member – Interagency Committee on Adoption
16 Del. C. § 912(a)(11)
Mary Lou Edgar
Member of IACOA
At-large Members – Law Enforcement
16 Del. C. § 912(a)(11)

Captain Robert Lucas, New Castle County Police Department

Sgt. Reginald Laster, Supervisor of the Family Services Unit, New Castle County Police

Colonel Nathanial McQueen, Superintendent, Division of State Police

Corporal Adrienne Owen, Detective, Domestic Violence Unit, Delaware State Police
At-large Members – Child Protection Community
16 Del. C. § 912(a)(11)
C. Malcolm Cochran, IV, Esquire - Richards, Layton & Finger, P.A.
CPAC Chair

Randall Williams
Executive Director, Children’s Advocacy Center

Janice Mink

Ellen Levin
Statutory Role Name/Title
CPAC Executive Director
16 Del. C. § 912(b)
Tania M. Culley, Esquire
Child Advocate, Office of the Child Advocate
CPAC Staff
16 Del. C. § 912(a)
Amanda L. Sipple, Office Manager
Office of the Child Advocate

Rosalie Morales, Program Administrator
Office of the Child Advocate

Jessica Begley, Training Coordinator

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How to Contact the Office of the Child Advocate:
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