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In the Court of Chancery, a Guardian is a person appointed by the Court to make medical and/or financial decisions for a disabled person. There are three types of guardianships: Guardianship of an adult person, guardianship of an adult person's property and guardianship of the property of a minor child who is under eighteen.

Please use the resources below and on the forms page to learn more about Guardianship in the Court of Chancery.

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The Court of Chancery no longer requires notice to be sent to the Department of Justice when a petition for Medicaid planning is filed, including all petitions to transfer an asset, petitions to establish a Miller Trust, or petitions to establish a Special Needs Trust.  Once a disabled person has become qualified to receive Medicaid, the Court will require proof of such qualification as well as a copy of any signed trust instrument, including Miller Trusts or Special Needs Trusts.  All documentation is to be sent directly to the Court of Chancery.

Brochures and Resources:
An Overview of the Guardianship Process
Is Guardianship What I Need? Brochure
Hearing Procedures Brochure
What To Do After the Guardianship Hearing
State of Delaware Resources for the Disabled
State of Delaware Resources for the Elderly

Mediation Services:
Mediation is a process in which all those whose input is important to a solution of a problem meet in a private setting with a neutral person (a mediator) to try to resolve conflicts.  To learn more, please read If You Are Considering a Filing for Guardianship of an Aged or Disabled Person.

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Report Elder Abuse 1-800-223-9074

Guardianship & Trust Accounting System