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  Mediator Directory
Mediation Practice Codes  
AH—Administrative Hearing
BC—Business Litigation
BL—Banking Litigation
CL—Construction Litigation
CP—Corporate Law
CR—Civil Rights
CT—Commercial Transactions
CU—Consumer Law
DI—Discrimination Law
DR—Domestic Relations
EN—Environmental Law
IN—Insurance Law
LE—Labor/Employment Law
LZ—Land Use/Zoning
MF—Mortgage Foreclosures
ML—Mechanics Liens
MM—Medical Malpractice
MV—Motor Vehicle Personal        Injury
PI—Personal Injury
PL—Products Liability
PT—Property Tax Appeals
RC—Real Estate Contracts
RE—Real Estate
TI—Title Insurance
TS—Trade Secrets
UC—Unfair Competition
WC—Workmen's Compensation
New Castle County Superior Court
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Denotes Superior Court/Delaware State Bar Association Advanced Mediation Training
Derek C. Abbott
Morris Nichols Arsht &Tunnell, LLP
1201 North Market Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
Telephone Number: 302.351.9357
Fax Number: 302.425.4664
Bar admission date: 1995
Areas of expertise: BA, BC, CO, CT

Gary W. Aber
Aber Goldlust Baker & Over
702 King Street, Suite 600
P.O. Box 1675
Wilmington, DE 19899-1675
Telephone Number: 302.472.4900
Fax Number: 302.472.4920
Bar admission date: 1972
Areas of expertise: CL, CR, CU, DI, IN, LE, LI, MM, MV, PI, PL,TO,UC, WC

Richard D. Abrams
Heckler & Frabizzio, P.A.
800 Delaware Avenue, Suite 200
P.O. Box 128
Wilmington, DE 19899-0128
Telephone Number: 302.573.4800
Fax Number: 302.573.4806
Bar admission date: 1991
Areas of expertise: CO, IN, LI, MV, PI, PL, TO

David W. Adelman
The Marlowe Group, LLC
1521 North Rodney Street
Wilmington, DE 19806
Telephone Number: 302.248.5290
Fax Number: 302.248.5291
Bar admission date: 1968
Areas of expertise: AH, BC, CL, CO, CR, CT, DI, EN, IN, LE, LI, LZ, MM, PA, PI, PL, PN, TO, TM, TS, UC, WC

Andrew J. Aerenson
Aerenson & Aerenson, LLC
2213 Concord Pike
Wilmington, DE 19803
Telephone Number: 302.652.2100
Fax Number: 302.652.8600
Bar admission date: 1991
Areas of expertise: BC, CT, LT, LZ, MF, RC, RE, TI

Roger A. Akin
Akin & Herron, P.A.
1220 North Market Street, Suite 300
P.O. Box 25047
Wilmington, DE 19899
Telephone Number: 302.427.6989
Fax Number: 302.655.3697
Bar admission date: 1977
Areas of expertise: AH, BC, CO, CR, DI, IN, LI, MV, PI, PL, RC, TO

Deborah E. Allen
550 Mason Drive
New Castle, DE 19720
Telephone Number: 302.658.6538
Fax Number: 302.832.2204
Bar admission date: 1993
Areas of expertise: IN, MV, PI, TO

Elihu E. Allinson III
901 North Market Street, Suite 1300ve
Wilmington, DE 19801
Telephone Number: 302.428.8191
Fax Number: 302.428.8195
Bar admission date: 1996
Areas of expertise: AH, BA, BC, CO, CT, LI, ML
Susan D. Ament
Morris James, LLP
803 North Broom Street
P.O. Box 2328
Wilmington, DE 19899-2328
Telephone Number: 302.655.2599
Fax Number: 302.655.8831
Bar admission date: 1983
Areas of expertise: IN, LI, MV, PI, TO

Jeremy D. Anderson

Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz, LLP
1007 North Orange Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
Telephone Number: 302.888.6224
Fax Number:
Bar admission date: 2004
Areas of expertise: BC, CO, CP, CT, LI, PN

Lydia C. F. Anderson
Delaware Department of Labor
4425 North Market Street, 3rd Floor
Wilmington, DE 19802
Telephone Number: 302.761.8307
Fax Number: 302.761.6601
Bar admission date: 1988
Areas of expertise: AH, CL, CO, DR, EN, LT, ML, PI, RC, WC

Gillian L. Andrews
Department of Justice
820 North French Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
Telephone Number: 302.577.8844
Fax Number: 302.577.6499
Bar admission date: 2012
Areas of expertise: BA, CU, LI, LT, MF, RC, RE, UC

Carol J. Antoff
The Law Offices of Cynthia G. Beam
131 Continental Drive, Suite 407
Newark, DE 19713
Telephone Number: 302.292.6660, Extension 29
Fax Number: 302.292.6668; 292.0775
Bar admission date: 1997
Areas of expertise: CR, CU, LI, LT, MV, PI, WC

Lawrence C. Ashby
Ashby & Geddes, P.A.
500 Delaware Avenue
P.O. Box 1150
Newark, DE 19899
Telephone Number: 302.654.1888
Fax Number: 302.654.2067
Bar admission date: 1970
Areas of expertise: BC, CP

Daniel K. Astin
Fox Rothschild, LLP
919 North Market Street
P.O. Box 2323
Wilmington, DE 19899-2323
Telephone Number: 302.622.4212
Fax Number: 302.656.8920
Bar admission date: 1989 (NJ, PA), 1996 (KY), 2001 (DE)
Areas of expertise: AH, BA, BC, BL, CL, CO, CT, DR, LI, ML, MF, RC, TO

Christine S. Azar
Blank Rome LLP
1201 North Market Street, Suite 800
Wilmington, DE 19801
Telephone Number: 302.425.6438
Fax Number:
Bar admission date: 2002
Areas of expertise: BC, CO, CP, CT, LI, PN