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   NEWS AT FIRST GLANCE September 10, 2014
Superior Court Amends Civil Rule 133
Effective September 4, 2014, Superior Court amended the rule by deleting the rule in its entirety and by substituting a new Civil Rule 133 on 'Single-transaction guardianship; settlement of tort claims for disabled person'. View Civil Rule 133 >>
Superior Court Amends/Adopts Miscellaneous Civil Rules
Effective September 4, 2014, Superior Court amended and adopted several miscellaneous Superior Court Rules: Civil Rules 6(1)(e); Civil Rule 16(b)(5)(a); Civil Rule 26(b)(5) & (b)(6); Civil Rule 78; Civil Rule 107(b); and Civil Rule 140 that address service by mail, scheduling order deadlines, protection of communication, motion days, format of briefs, and a new Historical Society of the Superior Court of Delaware. View Miscellaneous Civil Rules >>
Designation of Pre-Trial Supervision of Juvenile Defendant Criminal Cases
Administrative Directive 2014-3. Effective July 23, 2014, the Superior Court will assign a judge in each county to provide pre-trial supervision of each juvenile defendant criminal case to assure that such cases are adjudicated without unnecessary delay to enable just and efficient resolution of juvenile defendant criminal cases. The Court, not counsel or the litigants, shall control the pace of such litigation in this Court. View Directive >>
Superior Court Amends Criminal Rule 61
Effective June 4, 2014, Superior Court amended several provisions of Superior Court's Criminal Rule 61 to address second or subsequent motions for postconviction relief and to clarify when appointment of counsel is required or discretionary. View Summary & Complete Rule 61 >>
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Complex Commercial Litigation Division
Delaware now has another venue to handle complex commercial and business litigation cases. Superior Court launched a new Complex Commercial Litigation Division to improve upon the Court’s administrative handling of these cases. View complete details >>
Trade Names Online Database
Superior Court's online Trade, Business & Fictitious Names database is available to search for active, registered Delaware Trade, Business and Fictitious Names to determine if you are registering a unique name. View complete instructions, forms, and details >>
Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation
This joint Superior Court/State mediation program exists to help homeowners facing foreclosure. The program provides a way for homeowners to participate in a court mediation with a trained mediator, counselors and their lender. Click for HELP with Delaware Foreclosure >>
Project Rightful Owner's Unclaimed Money
Unclaimed money for excess proceeds that arise when the value of the property sold at Sheriff's Sales exceeds the amount of money needed to pay all recorded liens and mortgages. As of June 2014 the Court has disbursed over $6 mil to the rightful owners. View complete details >>
Litigation Study Ranks Court No. 1
A national survey ranks Delaware’s litigation environment first in the country for fairness. The survey, Lawsuit Climate: Ranking the States shows that Superior Court has again led the other 49 states to be ranked number one as it has done since the first survey in 2002. View study >>