Face masks required at all Delaware state court facilities starting August 16, 2021.

Judicial Branch announces lifting of collections moratorium effective immediately. More information.

Jury Service

Juror Qualification Form Recusal Information

The written instructions on your Summons under question #8 are as follows:

Not all requests will be granted for postponements. We will try to accommodate your request date but unfortunately it may not be on the particular date you have requested.

You will receive a postponement postcard if Jury Services grants your request. NOTE: Unless you receive a written excuse, please follow the reporting instructions on your Summons.

All postponements must have the Questionnaire completely filled out and an alternate date must be submitted for your new reporting date within the 90 days while accompanying the following documentation.

Required Documentation:

  • Medical requests must be accompanied by a doctor's note that details your condition.
  • A letter must accompany employment deferments from your supervisor.
  • If you have moved out of state, you must submit a copy of your new driver's license for that state.
  • If you are not a citizen, you must submit a copy of your Alien Registration (Green) Card, Visa, or other legal documentation.
  • Unless you receive a WRITTEN EXCUSE, please follow the reporting instructions on your Summons.