Case Law & Legislation

Case Law

In Matter of Gordy, 658 A.2d 613 (1994)

In Matter of Tavel, 661 A.2d 1061 (1995)

In Matter of Snow, (Del. Ch., 2006)

In Matter of L.M.R., (Del. Ch., 2008)

Court of Chancery Rules

Rule 171: Briefs

Rule 174.1. Mandatory mediation for adult guardianship matters and probate disputes

Rule 175: Petition for appointment of guardian

Rule 176. Appointment of attorney ad litem upon petition for appointment of guardian; service and notice of hearing

Rule 177. Hearing upon petition for appointment of guardian

Rule 178. Petition to exercise powers not granted by Subchapter II of Chapter 39 of Title 12 of the Delaware Code or by the Court

Rule 179. Property subject of specific devise or bequest

Rule 180-B. Powers and duties of guardian

Rule 180-C. Termination of guardianship upon recovery of disabled person

State Code

Appointment, Bond and Tenure of Guardian

Powers and Duties of Guardian

Accounting and Settlement

Sale of Disabled Person's Real Estate

Investment by Court of Chancery of Fund of Minors

Public Guardian

Medical Practice Act

Enabling Legislation

Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act

76 Del. Laws, c.380