New Castle County Law Library

New Castle County Law Library is located in the Leonard L. Williams Justice Center.

500 N. King Street
Suite 2500
Wilmington DE 19801


Galen Wilson, Senior Law Librarian/Self-Help Center Coordinator

Phone: (302) 255-0844
Fax: (302) 255-2223

Business Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM *

New Castle County Law Library Catalog

* New Castle County Law Library is open to the public, but due to staffing limitations, we suggest you call in advance to make sure the library is open.

New Castle County Law Library Usage Policies & Procedures

The New Castle County Law Library provides legal research resources and information for the public, the judiciary, legal professionals and other government officials. The library is often a starting point for people involved in court cases who don’t have attorneys (also called self-represented or pro-se litigants). Public access to legal information is a critical component of open and equal access to the justice system. The library provides access to legal research resources and information. Our goal is to maintain as many current and historical legal research resources as possible. The collection is updated regularly. A list of the most recent updates is available on the New Acquisitions page. There is free patron access to Thomson Reuters Westlaw and Lexis Advance, HeinOnline, and free Wi-Fi. Self-represented litigants may file appeals to the Delaware Supreme Court in the library.

Public Access

The public is welcome to use the library and all its resources whenever the building is open and library staff is present. While we accept walk-ins, because of limited staffing, it is best to call ahead in order to make sure that staff will be present to assist you.

Word processing is available for completing court forms and court-related documents. People without attorneys may file appeals to the Delaware Supreme Court in person at the library. The librarian can provide guidance on the proper procedures, forms and documents needed to file an appeal.

Legal advice is not available. Library staff is available to assist you by helping you to learn how to use the resources we have, but we are unable to give any legal advice or perform research work for you. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Conducting searches for you
  • Collecting or printing documents for you
  • Contacting other agencies on your behalf

The library is housed on the second floor of the Leonard L. Williams Justice Center. All visitors to the courthouse are screened by Capital Police. Cellular telephones and other personal electronic devices are allowed in court facilities, with restrictions, under a court pilot program.

Please see the Patron Code of Conduct for further information.


Only Court Personnel are allowed to borrow from the Law Library.

Computer Research

Thomson Reuters Westlaw, Lexis Advance, and HeinOnline computer legal research services are available for free. Computers are also available to access the library catalog, the Delaware Courts’ website and other library research links, and to inquire on Court of Chancery and Supreme Court filings in File & Serve Xpress (FSX). Due to security issues, our computers cannot accept USB drives and some websites may not be available to view or print. Additionally, material can only be printed from one of our patron access computers, not from a personal electronic device, such as a phone or laptop. For general internet usage and email access, we recommend patrons use one of the Delaware public libraries.

Photocopying and Printing

Photocopying and printing are both available for 10 cents per page. The law librarians are able to teach you how to use our copiers and printers, but cannot make the copies for you.