New Acquisitions

Kent County Law Library:

Am Jur 2d (2019 update)
Business Judgment Rule 6th (2019 supp.)
Criminal Law Defenses (Robinson) (2019 supp.)
Delaware Journal of Corporate Law (Vol. 43, Issue 3)
Delaware Law of Corporations & Business Organizations (2019-2 full set)
Delaware Law of Corporations & Business Organizations Statutory Deskbook (2019 ed.)
Folk on the Delaware General Corporation Law Fundamentals 2019 ed
Fundamentals of Antitrust Law 4th (2019-2)
Insurance Coverage Litigation 2nd (Masters) (2019-2 supp.)
Larson’s Workers’ Comp (June 2019)
Law of Probation & Parole 2nd (Cohen) (2019 supp.)
Lubaroff & Altman on Delaware Limited Partnerships (2019 supp.)
McQullin Municipal Corporations 3d (2019 pp + Index)
Mergers & Acquisitions Deal Litigation Under Delaware Corp. Law (New 2019)
Moore’s Manual: FP&P (May 2019)
Restatement (2019 supplements)
Restatement Liability Insurance (2019 New Publication)
Rothstein Employment Law 6th
Settlement Agreements in Commercial Disputes 2nd
Third Circuit Criminal Handbook (2019 ed.)
Weinstein’s Federal Evidence 2nd (Full Set June 2019)

New Castle County Law Library:

Legal Information & Buyer's Guide & Reference Manual 2018 edition - Svengalis
A Layman's Guide to Criminal Defense
Becoming a US Citizen, Bray, 2016
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 14d, O'Neill, 2018
Contracts 2d, Stim, 2016
The Criminal Law Handbook 15d, Bergman & Berman, 2018
The Employer's Handbook 13d, Steingold, 2017
Every Landlord's Legal Guide 14d, Stewart & Portman, 2018
Every Tenant's Legal Guide 9d, Stewart & Portman, 2019
Foreclosure Survival Guide 6d, Loftsgordon, 2017
How to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 20d, O'Neill & Renauer, 2017
Legal Research, Editors of Nolo 18d, Editors of Nolo, 2018
Neighbor Law 9d, Doskow & Guillen, 2017
Nolo's Essential Guide to Child Custody & Support 4d , Doskow, 2017
Nolo's Essential Guide to Divorce 7d, Doskow, 2018
Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability 9d, Morton, 2018
Social Security, Medicare & Government Pensions 24d, Matthews, 2019
Solve Your Money Troubles 16d, Loftsgordon & O'Neill, 2017
U.S. Immigration Made Easy 19d, Link, 2019
101 Forms for Personal Use 10d, Editors of Nolo, 2016
Checklist for Family Caregivers, Hurme, 2015
The Red Book: A Manual on Legal Style, Garner, 2018
Consumer Guide to Employee Rights, Freking, 2015
Domestic Violence, Child Custody & Visitation - Kleinman & Pollack (2017)
Guide to Wills & Estates 4d - ABA (2012)
Construction Law in a Nutshell, Campbell (2015)
Complete Personal Legal Guide, ABA (2008)
American Law: An Introduction 3d, Friedman & Hayden (2017)
Crime Victim Rights & Remedies 3d, Tobolowsky, Beloof, Et Al. (2016)
You and Your Aging Parents, ABA, 2009
Legal Reasoning & Objective Writing, Barnett & Gionfriddo (2016)
Attorney Responsibilities & Client Rights, Singer (2003)
Washington Information Directory, Norton (ed.), 2016
The 12 Secrets Persuasive Argument - Waicukauski, Sandler & Epps (2009)
Litigating the Business Divorce, Heyman & Donimirski, 2016
Modern Child Custody Practice
Social Security & Medicare Answer Book, Pratt, 2019
The Law of Municipal Corporations 3d Revised, McQuillin, Volume 14
Paid Advertising Shown on Video Monitors in Court Lobbies, JP Court Policy Directive 14-251 (revised), June 5, 2019
Matthews Municipal Ordinances, 2019 Supplement, May 2019
Environmental Science Deskbook, Conrad, 2018
A Legal Guide for Lesbian & Gay Couples 19d, Hertz & Doskow, 2018
Building a Parenting Agreement that Works 9d, Zemmelman, 2018
Divorce Without Court 5d, Stoner, 2018
How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim 10d, Matthews, 2018
Living Together 16d, Hertz & Guillen, 2017
Stand Up to the IRS 13d, Daily & Pless, 2017
Working for Yourself 11d, Fishman, 2019
Mergers & Aquisitions Deal Litigation Under DE Corporation Law, Welch, Micheletti, et al., 2018
Weinstein's Federal Evidence, Release 125, June 2019
Superior Court Order Amending Rules 1, 26(b)(1) and (c), 34(b) and 37(a)(2) and Adopting Rules 34(d) and 37(b)(2)(F)
E-Filing, JP Court Policy Directive 08-232 (1st Supplement), July 8, 2019
West's Atlantic Digest 2nd, Volumes 1R - 2C
The Law of Municipal Corporations 3d Revised, McQuillin, 2019 Pocket Parts & Index
Delaware Rules Annotated June 2019 Supplement
Moore's Federal Practice Update, July 2019

Sussex County Law Library:

Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE)—Cassidy
Collier Bankruptcy Consumer Bankruptcy Guide
Condominium Law and Practice—Rohan and Reskin
Commentaries and Cases on Law of Business Organization—Allen and Kraackman
Corporate Governance 5th Edition—Robert Monks and Nell Minow
Online Database—Ebsco "Legal Information Reference Center"