New Acquisitions

Kent County Law Library:
Closing Arguments (Stein) (2016-2017 ed.)
Delaware State Constitution 2d (Holland)
Family L&P (Lexis) (Dec. 2017)
How ADR Works (ABA)
Immigration L&P (Lexis) (Sept. 2017)
Insurance Coverage Litigation 2d (Anderson) 2018-2 Supp
Larson’s Workers’ Comp (Dec. 2017
Law of Electronic Surveillance (Carr) (Dec. 2017 ed.)
Law of Probation & Parole 2d (Cohen) (June 2017 update)
Lawyers’ Medical Cyclopedia of Personal Injuries & Allied Specialties 6th (Oct. 2017)
McQuillin Law of Municipal Corporations 3d (West)
Mediation Theory & Practice 2d (Alfini)
Occupational Safety & Health 3d (Dale)
Prosecutor’s Man. for Arrest, Search & Seizure 3d (Castellano)
Robinson Criminal Law Defenses
Rothstein Employment Law 5th (West) (2017-2018 update)
Sutherland Statutory Construction 7th (West) (2017-2018 update)
Third Circuit Criminal Handbook (Carlson) (2017)
Unclaimed Property: Laws, Compliance & Enforcement (CCH) (Andreoli)

New Castle County Law Library:
Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts - Scalia & Garner (2012)
New Castle County Code Ethics Commission 2017 Annual Report
2018 Legislative Advisories
West's Atlantic Digest 2nd, Volumes 22B-22D, 2017
West's Atlantic Digest 2nd, Volumes 8O-9K, 2018
Delaware Lawyer, Vol 35, No 4, Winter 2017/2018
The Journal of the Delaware State Bar Association (Mar. 2018)
West's Delaware Reporter, Volume 107
Weinstein's Federal Evidence, Release 121, March 2018
Municipal Corporations (McQuillin) 3d, Revised Vol. 10A, 2018
Filing an Appeal in the DE Supreme Court: A Citizen's Guide (2012)
Commentaries on American Law 13d (Kent), 1886 NEW
Story's Equity Jurisprudence 13d (Bigelow), 1886 NEW
Bouvier's Law Dictionary 8d (Rawle), 1914 NEW
Shepard's Delaware Case Names Citator, 1991 NEW
Conflicts of Interest in the Practice of Law (Flamm), 2015 NEW
Delaware Rules of Court - State & Federal (2015) NEW
West's Atlantic Reporter 3d Series, Volume 175, 2018 NEW
West's Key Number System, March 2018 Pamphlet NEW
The National Law Journal, April 2018 NEW
The Bar Examiner, Spring 2018 NEW
Capitol Ideas, Mar/Apr 2018 NEW
Use of Generic Ct. E-Mailboxes, JP Procedural Memorandum 17-019 1st Supplement NEW
Elder Law Answer Book, 2018-2 Supplement NEW

Sussex County Law Library:
Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE)—Cassidy
Collier Bankruptcy Consumer Bankruptcy Guide
Condominium Law and Practice—Rohan and Reskin
Commentaries and Cases on Law of Business Organization—Allen and Kraackman
Corporate Governance 5th Edition—Robert Monks and Nell Minow
Online Database—Ebsco "Legal Information Reference Center" NEW