New Acquisitions

Kent County Law Library:

Am Jur 2d (2019 update)
Business Judgment Rule 6th (2019 supp.)
Criminal Law Defenses (Robinson) (2019 supp.)
Delaware Journal of Corporate Law (Vol. 43, Issue 3)
Delaware Law of Corporations & Business Organizations (2019-2 full set)
Delaware Law of Corporations & Business Organizations Statutory Deskbook (2019 ed.)
Folk on the Delaware General Corporation Law Fundamentals 2019 ed
Fundamentals of Antitrust Law 4th (2019-2)
Insurance Coverage Litigation 2nd (Masters) (2019-2 supp.)
Larson's Workers' Comp (June 2019)
Law of Probation & Parole 2nd (Cohen) (2019 supp.)
Lubaroff & Altman on Delaware Limited Partnerships (2019 supp.)
McQullin Municipal Corporations 3d (2019 pp + Index)
Mergers & Acquisitions Deal Litigation Under Delaware Corp. Law (New 2019)
Moore's Manual: FP&P (May 2019)
Restatement (2019 supplements)
Restatement Liability Insurance (2019 New Publication)
Rothstein Employment Law 6th
Settlement Agreements in Commercial Disputes 2nd
Third Circuit Criminal Handbook (2019 ed.)
Weinstein's Federal Evidence 2nd (Full Set June 2019)

New Castle County Law Library:

Wills, Trusts, and Estates for Paralegals
Basic Tort Law: Cases, Statutes, and Problems (5d)
Criminal Procedure: Investigation and the Right to Counsel (4d)
The Legal Writing Handbook (8d)
Basic Real Estate and Property Law for Paralegals (6d)
Family Law for Paralegals
Your Rights as a Tenant
American Law of Landlord and Tenant
Federal Civil Rights Act (3d)
Health Insurance Answer Book
Pension Answer Book
Modern Constitutional Law
Sixty Famous Cases, Selected and Narrated By Marshall Van Winkle

Sussex County Law Library:

Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE)—Cassidy
Collier Bankruptcy Consumer Bankruptcy Guide
Condominium Law and Practice—Rohan and Reskin
Commentaries and Cases on Law of Business Organization—Allen and Kraackman
Corporate Governance 5th Edition—Robert Monks and Nell Minow
Online Database—Ebsco "Legal Information Reference Center"