New Acquisitions

Kent County Law Library:
Anatomy of a Patent Case 3rd (ACTL)
Blockchain, Virtual Currencies & ICOs (Wolters Kluwer, c.2018)
Commercial Real Estate Transactions Handbook 4th (Senn) (2018 supp.)
Corporate & Commercial Practice in the Delaware Court of Chancery (Aug. 2018)
Corporate Settlement Tools: DPAs, NPAs… (Meyer)
Delaware Criminal Traffic Law Manual (2018-2019)
Family L&P (Lexis) (May 2018)
Financial Valuation 4th (Hitchner)
Folk on DGCL 6th (2018-2 supp.)
Fundamentals of Antitrust Law 4th (2019-1 supp.)
Harmon on Patents: Black Letter Law & Commentary
Immigration L&P (Lexis) (June 2018)
Insurance Coverage Litigation 2d (Anderson) (2019-1 supp.)
Labor Arbitration: Cases & Materials for Advocates (Dolson)
Larson’s Workers’ Comp (Dec. 2018)
Law of Electronic Surveillance (Carr) (Oct. 2018 ed.)
Law of Probation & Parole 2d (Cohen) (2018 supp.)
Legal Research in a Nutshell 13th
Liability of Corporate Officers & Directors 8th
Lubaroff & Altman on Delaware Ltd. Partnerships (2018 supp.)
McQuillin Law of Municipal Corporations 3d (West) (2018 cum. supp.)
Mergers & Acquisitions Deal Litigation (2018-1 supp.)
Page on Wills (2018 cum. sup.)
Rothstein Employment Law 5th (West) (2017-2018 update)
Settlement Agreements in Commercial Disputes (Rosen) (2019-1 supp.)
Sutherland Statutory Construction 7th & 8th (West) (2018-2019)
Third Circuit Criminal Handbook (Carlson) (2017)
Unclaimed Property: Laws, Compliance & Enforcement (CCH) (Andreoli)

New Castle County Law Library:
Delaware Social Services Manual (printed October 2018)
DWI Detection & Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Participant Manual (2013)
Larson's Workers' Compensation Law, Release 121, December 2018
SENTAC (Delaware Sentencing Accountability Commission) Benchbook 2019
West's Atlantic Digest 2nd, 2019 Annual Cumulative Pocket Parts
West's Atlantic Digest 2nd, Descriptive Word Index, 2019
West's Atlantic Digest 2nd, Volumes 15C-15E, 2018
City of Wilmington Code, Supplement 54, January 2019
The Delaware Judiciary Annual Report, 2017 & 2018
Directory of Human Services for Delaware, DHSS, 2017
Legal Handbook for Older Delawareans (2010)
A Layperson's Guide to Legal Research & Self-Help Law Books (2019)
Legal Information & Buyer's Guide & Reference Manual 2018 edition - Svengalis
West's Delaware Reporter, Volume 108
Best of 2019, The National Law Journal, 2019
Administration of Oaths or Affirmations by JP Court Personnel and Notaries Public, JP Policy Directive 19-262, 3/4/19 NEW
Capiases (Warrants/Capiases Issued on Title 21 Voluntary Assessment & Mandatory Appearance, JP Court Legal Memorandum 92-193 (2nd Supp.), 3/4/19 NEW
West's Atlantic Reporter 3d Series, Volumes 195-197, 2019 NEW
Delaware Journal of Corporate Law, Volume 43, Issue 2 NEW
Delaware Register of Regulations, Vol. 23, Issue 9, 3/1/19 NEW
Procedures Regarding the Issuance of Capiases, JP Policy Directive 19-262, 3/15/19 NEW
Disposition of Cases Through the Police Prosecution Process, JP Policy Directive 10-235 (2nd Supplement), 3/15/19 NEW
Procedures for Electronically Filed Uniform traffic Complaint and Summons Forms, JP Policy Directive 07-227 (1st Supplement), 3/15/19 NEW

Sussex County Law Library:
Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE)—Cassidy
Collier Bankruptcy Consumer Bankruptcy Guide
Condominium Law and Practice—Rohan and Reskin
Commentaries and Cases on Law of Business Organization—Allen and Kraackman
Corporate Governance 5th Edition—Robert Monks and Nell Minow
Online Database—Ebsco "Legal Information Reference Center"