Online Dispute Resolution

The Court provides a free online dispute resolution service for landlords and tenants to discuss the issues in dispute and a potential resolution before resorting to a legal eviction.

It includes: (a) direct negotiation services for landlords and tenants to try and work out agreements through online messaging; (b) neutral, trained mediators to help guide conversation between landlords and tenants in reaching an agreement; and (c) mediation conferences with a mediator to help landlords and tenants explore resolution.

Landlords and tenants should begin the program EARLY to take advantage of the opportunity to resolve the issues without a formal Court hearing.


On July 1, 2024, the Court will launch an EVICTION DIVERSION PROGRAM for landlords and tenants involved in eviction cases filed in the Justice of the Peace Court for residential properties. Landlords will be required to participate in the program with tenants before the Court will conduct a hearing on the compliant for summary possession. Additional information is forthcoming and will be posted on the Court’s website. Please check back for updates!